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Smoky Quartz & Onyx, The Whole is Definitely Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Focused Manifestation Beaded ChainIf you’re feeling like you can’t quite get a handle on the chaos around you, reach for a combination of smoky quartz and onyx.

Onyx and Smoky together are said ground your energy in a profound way that goes deeper bringing clarity and focus by connecting your heart and mind. The combination of thought and emotion supercharges and strengthens goals and manifestation.  Vision that comes from your soul rather than just your ego will support you in making choices to bring forth your highest vision.

Smoky quartz is grounding, removes negativity, helps with manifestation of dreams and inspirations and enhances organization (and that’s just for a start).
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Can You Tell Me the Secret of the Stones in the Shield?

The Shield is a matrix of all natural quartz and other gemstones; hand cut stones glued one at a time very exactly in a geometric pattern, then covered with silicon so that the stones don’t shift, ever.

I can’t actually tell you the secret of what stones are in the Shield. I’m not purposely being secretive, well actually I am, but there is a good reason for that. Actually the rationale comes in two parts.
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