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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Independence Day is supposed to be all about Freedom. That message gets lost frequently in the fireworks and the picnics. Freedom means many things to many people, for some it’s just the freedom to speak their mind, worship in the faith of their choice, make a living doing what they love, or just to be able to walk down the street without fear. Freedom has many aspects and even if I spent an hour writing about them, they still wouldn’t be all that meaningful to you, because they may not be speaking to the freedom that you crave in your life?

“What does freedom mean to you?” I’m not just talking our Bill of Rights type freedoms; I’m talking about personal freedom.
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Politics, religion and intolerance – how can you create a shift?

PoliticsThe next month and upcoming elections in the United States are a source of great stress, worry and yes, even fear for many people. Taking time out to nurture yourself, taking care of your body and finding a break from the television, newspaper, internet and news will assist you in finding that place within you that is calm and peaceful.

One way to really get in touch with yourself and the peace, calm and beauty in your life is to spend some time in nature. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, the heat and humidity are gone, the air is crisp and feels almost magical. I love walking through leaves that crunch beneath my feet. The turning leaves remind me of sunsets and in some ways brings a sense of completion of a cycle.
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