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The Tipping Point – from “Fine” to Melt-down

Foggy Brain OverloadYou may not be an Olympic athlete, but your life sometimes takes Olympian strength requiring strength, stamina, poise and a lot of determination just to move through your daily life.

Our world is progressively more complicated and fast-paced and, depending who you’re talking to, it is either increasingly exciting or unbearably frightening.  The stress and chaos can leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and foggy-brained.

Brain fog and Feeling Stupid can be signs of Stress and Energy Overload

Okay so maybe foggy-brained isn’t a word, but I’ll bet you know what I meant. When you are stressed out, research has proven that you become “stupid”. Another name for that is Brain-fog. Brain-fog can dull your performance and enjoyment, sap your strength, and even leave you feeling depressed and out-of-sorts. Brain-fog is a symptom that your biofield is overwhelmed. Brain-fog also goes beyond the brain; it tells you that your biology is unable to handle everything coming your way.
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