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Should You Be Blocking EMF at the Office?

Block Wifi at work

Should you be blocking EMF at work?
Did you know blocking EMF increases your concentration and productivity?

At home, you might have felt WiFi radiation effects if your routers are left on all night. If you’ve had fatigue, concentration issues while using laptops or computers, this can be caused by EMF. Children can develop concentration problems AFTER using their tablets or phones for a game. If you have already taken the steps to block EMF at home, you have likely noticed what a difference it can make. But it raises the question: Should you be blocking EMF while you’re at work, too?
people using electronics

EMF Considerations at the Office

Your office location

Do you work in an urban center with lots of technology around? Or are you located within a short distance of a cell tower? If you’re within 328 yards or 984 feet of a cell phone tower with a clear and unobstructed view? Does your office/building use WiFi for computer connectivity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to look into blocking EMF at work.

Your job duties

If you sit at a computer for more than six hours a day, you should be strongly advised to get EMF blockers for your body, and possibly also a room shield for your office space. You can spray your monitor, printer and CPU with the Aegis anti-radiation spray (plant based, fragrance free).

Your coworkers and customers

Is there a lot of negative energy circulating your office space? Some of our customers at BioElectric Shield have even reported improvements in their working environment after placing a discreet room shield or EMF eliminator around the office. If you’re highly sensitive to these energies, take the Quiz below for coping/thriving tips.

Wireless technology

More and more companies and corporate buildings are turning to “smart,” wireless-enabled technologies for everything from thermostats to Internet service to other remote monitoring uses. These devices can significantly increase the level of EMF in the air, so if you notice changes to your office environment, this could be why.

What are your best options?

EMF shielding pendants and room shields to block EMF and other people’s stress at the office is just as simple and efficient as it is at home, so long as you have the right tools. Don’t risk compromising your health while you’re at work. Do what you can to block EMF, wherever your day takes you.

People who DID block EMF by wearing a BioElectric Shield report:

  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Calmer
  • Sick less often
  • More productive
  • Enjoying work more
  • Better interactions with co-workers and customers
  • Able to think more clearly
  • Feeling less frustrated
  • Increased peace of mind and well-being

Take our Quizzes to find out how you rank in HSP Sensitivity and EMF Exposure Risk

What You Need to Know About Protecting Yourself from Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity Comes from Many Sources Protect Yourself and Your Health

Electricity is such a common utility that most homeowners don’t give it a second thought. But as our dependence on electronic devices has increased over the past few decades, so too has our reliance on electricity itself. And not all currents may be as “clean” as you might expect, dirty electricity surrounds us.

A recent report from Health Impact News, several researchers have found evidence of “dirty” electricity infiltrating our homes and affecting our health. Whether we live in the city or in the country it’s all around us. Power lines and ground currents now encompass much of North America, so no matter how far off the grid you live, you may still experience negative EMF health effects.
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7 Tips to De-stress Your Holidays – Extra Important for HSPs

7 Tips to De Stress HolidaysSimple tips to help you enjoy your holidays with less stress and end the year with ease. A few changes can benefit HSP’s, Empaths, and everyone else as well.

This time of year tends to bring out the best and the worst for many people and can be especially trying to HSP’s and empaths. Continue reading

Are Weather, Politics & the World Affecting You and your well-being?

Weather impact


Weather and The State of the World can have a Negative Impact on You – leaving you tired, headachy and out-of sorts.

Many people have told us that they think they may be affected by the current political climate or other events around the world are affecting their nervous systems causing them to feel fearful and anxious, irritable, foggy brained, or even tired and depressed. You don’t need to be and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person or Empath) to feel some of the effects, especially when things are intense, we are all made up of energy and are affected in many subtle ways by what’s around us. Continue reading

Kid’s Headaches Increase at Back-to-school Time

Kids with headachesThe Nationwide Children’s Hospital physicians have shown that there is an increasing trend for children and teens to experience more headaches in the fall when they go back to school. It can be tough, as a parent, to figure out if the headache is real or just resistance to going back to school, wanting to extend summer just a bit.
Experts speculate that the problems could be due to improper hydration and long periods of time on the computer in addition to stress. Other factors may include lack of sleep, caffeine and soft drinks, not enough exercise and missing meals. Read more

There are a couple of other factors that we feel could also be at play. Continue reading

Level 1 BioElectric EMF Blocker Shield

Wearing a Level 1 Shield – Is it right for you?

Why do people order a Level 1 Shield for personal use?

  • Most people buy a Level 1 Shield for the price
  • They want to “try out” the Shield to see if it works

Trying out the Level 1 Shield to “see if it works”.  Is this a good idea?

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Slow Holidays: A Survival Guide for Sensitives, HSPs and Empath’s

Holiday Survival Guide for sensitives hsps and empaths
Taking it Slow for the Holidays – time to pause

Carol Burbank, Ph.D.
Guest Blogger

“I believe that slowness is an act of resistance, not because slowness is good in itself but because of all it makes room for, the things that don’t get measured and can’t be bought.”
Rebecca Solnit, “Finding Time,” Orion Magazine, 2007

When we’re sensitive to other people’s emotions and struggles, holidays bring extra challenges. Winter celebrations bring their own craziness, the joy/grief cycle of memory, reunions and rituals that touch everyone to the core. Just riding our own rollercoaster is enough! But when we are empathic, we sense everyone else’s wild ride, too! It can be overwhelming. Continue reading

You Don’t Have to Be “the Canary in the Mine!” Sensitive People Can Protect Themselves from Electromagnetic Pollution

You Don’t Have to Be “the Canary in the Mine!” Sensitive People Can Protect Themselves from Electromagnetic Pollution

Many of us are sensitive to environmental toxins, whether we know it or not. Once we become aware of our sensitivities, it’s easy to feel like as helpless as the canaries miners carried underground; if the bird got sick or died, it was a warning to the workers. We have more power than those poor birds. We can find ways to detox, clean up our environment, and protect ourselves.

It’s important to understand how to minimize and prevent symptoms before they become entrenched as chronic conditions or disease, but sometimes it feels overwhelming, doesn’t it?

There’s so much pollution in our world that scientists are identifying diseases, allergies and sensitivities that were uncommon or unknown only 50 years ago. One of the most common, and most invisible pollutants affecting our health comes from electromagnetic sources:  electrical equipment and appliances to power lines, microwaves, cell phones, smart meters, wifi, computers and radio transmitters.

How do I know if I have EMS? What can I do about it?

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What do Being too Sensitive, Shy, Introverted, Fearful or even Neurotic Have in Common?

What Does Empath Look Like spong

What does an empath look like you ask? You, me, your mother, your Sister….. (this photo is me, AnnaMariah and my gold Shield is in my bra just in case you’re wondering why you don’t see me wearing it.)

You might be surprised at the answers to the question above.  I’m writing this post and thinking about mothers in particular since Mother’s Day is almost here, but everything in here can apply equally to you at any time of year, whether you are a woman or a man. ( More women tend to be HSP/Empath’s so I’m using she here just for brevity)

We all know that woman who just seems to feel every emotion around her; cries whenever someone else does even in a commercial; and who seems to know what everyone around her thinks, feels or needs. Chances are this woman is a Highly Sensitive Person or an Empath.
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Are You Just too Sensitive?

Are you Too SensitiveDo you have days where you are just exhausted by everyone else’s drama? Do you even sometimes forget that it’s Their Drama and Not Yours?

If you are like a lot of Highly Sensitive People or empaths the answer is probably a resounding Yes!

You might be surprised to know that a lot of times you are being pulled down and drained by all the emotions, thoughts and energies around you, and they can feel like yours even.
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