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Stuck Vs InspirationThere are times we all feel stuck or sometimes we just think we are procrastinating. This is a theme that has shown up lately in a couple of Facebook groups and emails from friends. In each case the person was sharing that they just couldn’t seem to get moving and kept procrastinating.

We’ve all been there…and I don’t know about you, but I often end up beating myself up for not getting on with it, not getting things done. Then, luckily, oftentimes I’m able to step back and take another look.

I do sometimes find that even though I’m inspired there doesn’t “seem to be” motivation to do…but, that isn’t necessarily what it seems. I have found that often when I just can’t seem to do what I think needs to be done that what’s really happening is that I’m waiting for the rest of the information – either as a “download” of info, or sometimes there’s a person or other bit of information that I don’t yet have and when that drops into place then it’s full forward action. The trick is to acknowledge when that’s happening and not beat ourselves up about it.

If you’re in a “stuck” place, maybe you aren’t really stuck. Maybe you’re simply waiting…allowing…the energy, information to finally come together.
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Live an Empowered Life with Amazonite’s Gentle Power

Step into your own Gentle Power and break out of old habits or co-dependent relationships

Reach for Amazonite to support you in making new choices and feeling supported in the process. I have dubbed my Amazonite creations with names like Gentle Power. Some stones can have an “in your face” aspect to their power, but Amazonite is subtle, gentle and slowly works to strengthen your inner power and resolve. Have you been craving feeling powerful, and yet the very idea feels a little scary?

It may be that your idea of power is aggression. This is not at all the case with this gently powerful stone.
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