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Energy Drained by Others? Take the Empath Quiz

Exhausted empath hSP woman energy drained by other peopleAre you extremely sensitive emotionally, dislike crowds, or feel exhausted after being around people? Chances are you are either an empath or a highly sensitive person HSP.

How many of the following questions do you answer yes to?

  1. Do you avoid busy places or feel overwhelmed when there are a lot of people around?
  2. Is your intuition strong?
  3. Are you especially sensitive to loud noises? Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Parents Should Protect Children from EMF

Family using technology EMF protection Shield BlockerAlthough it has become more popular a topic in recent years, many people are still completely unaware of the dangers electromagnetic fields (EMF) can have.

Cell phones, radio towers, microwaves, even the WiFi enabling your laptop are all sources of this invisible, silent menace. Because of the potential risks associated, it’s especially important to protect children from EMF. Children, like the elderly, do not have the same level of strength in their body and immune system as the average adult.

How to block EMF is a difficult question to answer as there is still a lot of uncertainty in the field, but here are three reasons every parent should recognize to protect children from EMF. Continue reading