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Smoky Quartz & Onyx, The Whole is Definitely Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

If you’re feeling like you can’t quite get a handle on the chaos around you, reach for a combination of smoky quartz and onyx.

Onyx and Smoky together are said ground your energy in a profound way that goes deeper bringing clarity and focus by connecting your heart and mind. The combination of thought and emotion supercharges and strengthens goals and manifestation.  Vision that comes from your soul rather than just your ego will support you in making choices to bring forth your highest vision.

Smoky quartz is grounding, removes negativity, helps with manifestation of dreams and inspirations and enhances organization (and that’s just for a start).
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Diamonds Can be Your Best Friend.

Be Inspired. Be Inspiring. Align with Your Purpose.

The diamond is the traditional birthstone for April. I am finding it interesting that diamond has some almost contradictory qualities and uses. A Diamond is a stone that bonds relationships and enhances love, most often seen in engagement or wedding rings. It can also help to bring longevity to relationships. On the other hand, it also encourages a desire for independence and a sense of self-confidence.  Personally I feel the best relationships are one in which the partners bond but still maintain their own independence and personality, thus, in my world view the diamond seems absolutely perfect.

I didn’t truly understand the power of the diamond until I got to be the first person to try out the first 14k gold, diamond BioElectric Shield back in 1998. This Shield is an incredible tool for protection and energy enhancement. I awoke the following morning with the absolute understanding that the diamond in that Shield was like a laser beam to help me focus on my purpose and destiny. As I wore this Shield over the next ten years, it seemed that whatever wasn’t in alignment with who I am and am meant to be, just fell away. It also seemed to speed and propel me forward into new adventures that appeared at times to unfold almost like magic. You don’t have to wear a diamond in a Shield for this to work, but the Shield does provide an enhanced strength and focusing quality to the already intense energies of the diamond.
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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Independence Day is supposed to be all about Freedom. That message gets lost frequently in the fireworks and the picnics. Freedom means many things to many people, for some it’s just the freedom to speak their mind, worship in the faith of their choice, make a living doing what they love, or just to be able to walk down the street without fear. Freedom has many aspects and even if I spent an hour writing about them, they still wouldn’t be all that meaningful to you, because they may not be speaking to the freedom that you crave in your life?

“What does freedom mean to you?” I’m not just talking our Bill of Rights type freedoms; I’m talking about personal freedom.
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Lyme Disease and Electromagnetic Radiation – EMF One Big Culprit in Lyme Disease

Dear Friends.

It looks like Lyme disease is a the growing monster in our host of health  problems.

At least once a month we get a call from someone who either has Lyme, or a family member with Lyme. It never used to be that way. After a 25 year career as an Occupational Therapist, I started this company, and began to hear what health concerns were most commonly on people’s minds. In the beginning years, fibromyalgia was a common complaint, along with headaches and fatigue. In the years I worked with Dr. Brown our Billings Pain and Allergy Clinic, there were just a few cases of Lyme, presumably all contracted from tick bites.

Times have changed. Even the definition of where you get Lyme is different. It now refers to illnesses that are transmitted from insects, including fleas, mites, spiders, mosquitoes as well as ticks. Frankly, I felt safer before I read this!
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Introducing Our Blog

Virginia Brown - outside

  Welcome to our new blog!



Dear Friends,

Our blog is a forum for sharing more personal stories about “healthy living in a wired world”. We would like to get to know you better, and share with you some ideas about having a balanced life- those we get from reading great books, watching videos, and life experiences. Together, we can have some interesting conversations!

Isn’t it odd that technology is a rather weird combination of incredible convenience- and incredible illnesses!  One of our core topics is how to cope with the very large side-effect of computers, cellphones and wireless networks – namely “electromagnetic radiation”. We might as well use the technology that is creating the problem to offer solutions to the downside of it.

Another issue that we’d like to address is stress. When I was in my teenage years I volunteered as a “candy striper” in our local hospital. Illness and sickness were pretty much worlds apart when I was a kid. Aside from colds and the flu, my memory is that most people who were not in a hospital felt just fine. Today it is expected that people will have a range of symptoms starting with stress, headaches, brain fog and ending with cancer. Why is that? Why are we all in such a hurry? How can we learn to view the world to maximize our happiness?

Our blog is a place where we want to share how to bring peace and health into our busy lives. We thing the two are connected. We welcome your comments to our musings. In today’s world, no one person has a monopoly on good ideas.

Our original mission, stated clearly on our brochures many years ago, was to make the world a better place. We reasoned that every time one more person wore a shield, that person would be more balanced. And the more balanced people we have, the more balanced the planet! That mission hasn’t really changed in our 21 years of providing Shields for all of you. So, in this blog, we invite you to share what makes the world a better place for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best to you,