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Shield Question #2 How Do I Care for My Shield?

Caring for your BioElectric Shield EMF Blocker PendantHow do I keep the finish on my Shield looking like new?

The good news is that even if your Shield is tarnished, it won’t significantly affect its performance. However, the shiny finish is slightly more refractive of EMF, so it’s good to keep it polished.

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Shield Question #1- Do I have to wear it around my neck?


Rachel Price and her motherNo, you don’t have to wear it around your neck. You can put your Shield in a pocket or put it in your bra.

The ideal location for the Shield is over the heart. The Shield works easiest and most efficiently there, but it is still doing its job regardless of the location.

The Shield is often worn on a cord, chain or beaded necklace at the heart level. However, as long as it’s on your body somewhere, it will do its job. See Accessories
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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Independence Day is supposed to be all about Freedom. That message gets lost frequently in the fireworks and the picnics. Freedom means many things to many people, for some it’s just the freedom to speak their mind, worship in the faith of their choice, make a living doing what they love, or just to be able to walk down the street without fear. Freedom has many aspects and even if I spent an hour writing about them, they still wouldn’t be all that meaningful to you, because they may not be speaking to the freedom that you crave in your life?

“What does freedom mean to you?” I’m not just talking our Bill of Rights type freedoms; I’m talking about personal freedom.
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