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Adrenal Fatigue & Overwhelm. Why it is happening to you?

dog with Adrenal fatigueWhy Are You Overwhelmed, Exhausted and Stressed?

If you’re an HSP (highly sensitive person) or empath you are at greater risk of adrenal fatigue, insomnia and exhaustion. Although this happens to many people at different times, it seems to be a state of chronic fatigue for many HSPs and empaths.

You may be eating right, exercising, taking your vitamins and healthy supplements and doing everything you can to be healthy….and yet, you feel run down, stressed and completely exhausted. You may even wake up tired. Aren’t you supposed to feel good when you work this hard to be healthy?

What’s getting to you?

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Are Negative People Destroying Your Health and Well-Being? Series #1

Negative people, energy, hsp, emf protectionScience is finally catching up to what Empaths and HSPs already know – negative people are toxic. Is it time for a detox?

Recent studies shine a light on the fact that prolonged “people stress” can affect your DNA and your immune system. But as I stated in “Is a Black Cloud of Negativity Sucking up All Your light?” you don’t have to be super sensitive to be affected. Continue reading

Too much to do – too little time? Try these Adrenal Stress Solutions!

Adrenal_Stress_SolutionDo you get the feeling that many people are suffering from overload? We do. We talk to them every day! It seems that adrenal stress is becoming an epidemic. Here are some solutions – and even a questionnaire to help you determine if this is something you have – and would like to handle!

There are several reasons why we feel tired, stressed out, run down, and in dire need of coffee or other stimulants along about 3pm. Many people have adrenal fatigue and don’t know this is what is going on.  In the first part of this blog, we discuss adrenal fatigue – and give you links so you can take a quiz to find out if this is something your body may be experiencing. Continue reading