Superfoods, Super Attitude, Super Immunity and You

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Superfoods, Super Attitude, and Super Immunity

Super Immunity can be yours with a few simple changes. It’s all about what you put into your body and mind.

SUPERFOODS Boost Your Immune System

Food is medicine! If your plate has 1-2 cups of veggies on it at every meal, you may be amazed at how well you will start to feel.

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  • Two months ago I started doing this, and frankly, I had to admit, within 2 weeks, I really did feel healthier than I had before. My new normal of 5-6 cups of vegetables a day has produced some pretty amazing results. You might want to try it and see what happens for you!
  • Nothing comes out of a package. Cook your veggies in coconut, avocado or olive oil. Real food is available at markets everywhere in this country!
  • I know this sounds like I am being a bit of a smart ass, but now that we’re all at home anyway, why not try some “slow cooking”. It involves cutting up vegetables, putting a little coconut, avocado or olive oil in a pan, and simply cooking them for a while. Canola oil is really rapeseed oil, typically used for cattle feed! It’s not intended for humans. Steaming broccoli or green beans works fine too, and you can top them with something great like a little soy sauce, Bragg’s Aminos, or some real butter.
  • Eliminate sugar, add nuts, seeds and if you like it, a coconut or A-1 milk yogurt, the combo can be a great dessert.
  • Many people are shopping less than usual, but you have a few options. If you have a garage, and the weather is cool, leave extra veggies in the garage. If this doesn’t work, you can buy some extra frozen vegetables. Fresh is better, but frozen is better than nothing!
  • Want to learn more about Food is Medicine – check out Dr. Mark Hyman. His website includes recipes and great nutritional information.
  • As they say, you are what you eat. It’s important – food IS your medicine, so now that you know this, making it a priority may become more important than it used to be.

YOUR SUPER ATTITUDE feeds your Immune System

How do you start your day?

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  • Would you consider waking up, and then moving to a quiet location where you can meditate for 10-15 minutes? Breathing deeply is calming and certainly a form of meditation.
  • Towards the end of your meditation, shift any thoughts of what you have to do today to “I GET to work on a blog today” versus “I HAVE to work on a blog today.”
  • When we realize that anything we choose to do is truly our choice – and that we are one fortunate individual to have something to look forward to doing each day. Even if we happen to be ill, we could say, “I get to meditate longer today, and I get to read longer today because I need to stay in bed and get well.”
  • Happy, grateful people are healthier than people who focus on complaining about everything!
  • Find a partner who is willing to exchange emails with you every day using 3 topics. The emails will be read right after you do your meditation so if you are not a “morning person” you can write your emails at night. You each will share happy moments that happened the day before, 2-3 things you are grateful for, and a few actions you took that required discipline.
  • Example: My happy moments were being outside in the sunshine taking a walk with my dog, also really enjoyed making dinner for my family, and finally, I was so happy reading a wonderful fiction novel for an entire hour. Gratitude: So grateful we have a greenhouse and that the plants are healthy, also grateful that our local farm supply had extra onion sets that I did plant yesterday; Discipline:


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  • Before I get into food, I’d like to pass on this warning. If you do get the Covid-19 flu do not take ibuprofen – take Tylenol if you want something for pain. (Here’s the source of that recommendation Apparently, the Ibuprofen makes symptoms worse!
  • Super immunity occurs when you’re eating a real food diet, cultivating thoughts of happiness and gratitude, and making sure you add good sleep and good exercise to your daily activities.
  • Good supplements will also support your body, but it’s a great idea to be guided by a naturopath or holistic MD, Chiropractor or Nutritionist so you don’t waste your money taking things your body doesn’t need.
  • It’s a personal choice, but many people don’t get vaccines who feel their diet – what they eat and what they think – allows their body to fend off viruses and bacteria.
  • Get enough sleep! You definitely want your WiFi OFF at night. Why? Sleep is the time when your body does it’s “rest and recovery” from the day. If you’re being bombarded with EMF radiation, your immune system will be busy fending off the radiation instead of performing vital healing functions for the rest of your body.
  • The CDC has up-to-date information available

How to bring food into your home safely.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Virginia Bonta Brown, President BioElectric Shield

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Disclaimer: The BioElectric Shield does not prevent or cure Covid-19. All information in this blog is not intended to replace the advice of your chosen medical practitioner.

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