Stop Smart Meters and 5G Networks from Coming to Your Neighborhood-Smart Meter Series #5


Stop Smart Meters and 5G Networks from Coming to Your Neighborhood

At the moment, there are 4 bills in California which will strip ordinary citizens of the right to restrict the type of telecommunications equipment they can install in your neighborhood – in fact – right in front of your house. Try to imagine mini-cell-towers hanging 20 feet from your 2nd floor bedroom window. Why should you care what California is doing? California is the first place all kinds of new technology is installed. If they can get it installed there, it gets installed in the rest of the country over a period of months or years.

Living Organisms Can Not Tolerate the Proposed Pulsed Microwave Technology

Studies show that wildlife, bees, trees and insects are already being affected by WiFi. People are also affected by wireless technology. Symptoms that are associated with a reaction to EMF include fatigue, insomnia and muscle aches and pains. For some people, even being around others who are using a cell phone, produces very uncomfortable physical symptoms.

The Dairy Farmers

There is a true story on Alternet about the Ralls, two dairy farmers in Ohio. A cell tower was put up 800 feet from their home…. and within months, several strange and troubling events occurred. (Read the full story.) The point is, WiFi is not something that everyone can tolerate and it’s also a technology that is essentially NOT safe for humans yet. We are the human guinea pigs for the mobile phone and utility industries. Unless we say no to this, it will simply continue to saturate our entire environment, with possibly dire consequences.

Scientists For Wired Technology (vs Wireless)

This is a group of sane scientists who have taken the trouble to read about and understand the likely biological effects of WiFi transmissions over a broader frequency spectrum than it is now. The reality is – we are out of bandwidth for the amount of traffic we get using wireless technology. This includes our cell phone use, WiFi at work or the office, in hospitals, universities, shopping malls… just about everywhere. The website, has a treasure trove of research articles that document the harmful biological effects of prolonged exposure to EMF. 1800 studies were reviewed and then presented in this report, written in 2012, but completely relevant today.

Scientists for Wired Technology¬†provides information and action steps you can take to prevent the new 5G networks from coming to your neighborhood. The Take Back Your Power website also provides excellent advice on how to resist the power and cell phone companies who intend, if possible, to force us all into sign their “smart power”.

Be Informed. Take Action.

You can call your utility company and ask when they plan to install Smart Meters in your neighborhood. Visit the Take Back Your Power website to get forms to opt-out of a Smart Meter on your home. If you don’t get proactive about this, you may come home to find the Smart Meter already installed. The companies are not asking permission. They are installing them while most people are at work.

Find out what type of cell service your area already has. If you have 4G right now, then it’s just a matter of time before 5G will arrive. Last, read about 5G networks in a blog we wrote 2 weeks ago. There is a 6-minute video that will give you a wonderful summary of how this technology is being marketed. It’s very smooth. Don’t be fooled. The mobile phone industry is not concerned with our health. They are concerned with providing great cell phone and WiFi service. It’s up to us to care about how this technology may affect our health and the quality of our lives!


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