Social Distancing -The Blessing in Disguise!

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Social Distancing Means We Get to Go Outside to Socialize!

Summer at Home

Most of us thrive on predictability. We have our jobs which used to include showing up at work, usually outside our home. But now, many of us are working from home. And guess what, many of us have children who are NOT going to the summer camp we planned for them. Instead, they are home.

What can we do to make the most of this situation?

We can take them OUTSIDE! Even if you have a day job, is there a way you can schedule being outside with your kids?

Being outside allows you to expand your energy field. When you’re indoors, your energy field shrinks to fit the size of the room, leaving you feeling constricted and contained. Children may feel this even more than adults, and they may act out or become frustrated.

What’s the blessing?

The Story of the Shepherd

There was a shepherd in Austria who had an energy field a mile wide! Fiction? No, fact. It was observed by one of our energy consultants when she was a small girl, traveling in Europe with her family. (This family has been seeing auras for the past 900 years!)

As many of you know, our consultants have the genetic trait of seeing energy fields as their normal vision, unlike the rest of us, who see solid objects. I can’t tell you how many times she has advised us to be outside, at least an hour a day. It’s REALLY good for your health at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your aura.

SO, now that you know that, you can feel doubly good about getting yourself AND your children (or partner) outside every day. Count it as part of your physical and mental health regimen.

What Opportunities are Outside Your Home?

  • Bring peace to yourself – Say hello to Nature: As we have become so connected to our Smartphones, tablets, and computers, do we even realize there is an entire reality beyond the screen? Nature is around us, waiting for us to notice!
  • Hug that Tree, feel grounded and calm: Don’t worry, this isn’t some New Age mumbo jumbo but something that can shift your mood quickly. Have you stood up against a big old fir tree recently? You don’t have to hug it, but just being near it can have you feeling grounded and calm in minutes. (It can be Any tree, but the bigger and more substantial the better.)
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure: Dr. Delores Krieger conducted a research study about 30 years ago, in which patients with high blood pressure stood to stand on the grass with bare feet, preferably near a tree, for 10 minutes a day. All the participants experienced lower blood pressure after regular practice for a month; 85% were able to lower their blood pressure medication. I can’t give you the reference because it was a story I heard directly from her at a Therapeutic Touch clinical training workshops. But, it certainly stuck in my mind as definite proof that connecting to the earth has a calming, relaxing, grounding effect on us.

Father and son reading under tree

  • Read a Story (or book) Outside: Try the barefoot in the grass approach, and tell or read a story to yourself or your children. Try making this a habit at the same time every day. Feet on the grass is best, but sitting on a blanket is probably the most comfortable approach. If you have a bench under the tree, that might help as well.
  • Ride, Hike, or Walk: Take a comfortable stroll, leisurely bike ride, or an all-out hike depending on your fitness level. Make it enjoyable, walk out the front door, and see what you can observe about your neighbor’s yards. Are any yards filled with flowering plants – or vegetable beds? What trees capture your eye? Grab that leash and take the dog along. If you have little ones, a stroller is ideal.
  • Let Your Kids Burn Off Some Energy: Despite the fact it may have been fun to be at home for the spring term, many children have a level of anxiety about the future. Playing outside allows them to move more vigorously than inside the house.
    Remember when you were a kid and how much you enjoyed rolling down hills, playing in the dirt, and any variety of activities that weren’t necessarily easy on clothes. But you felt so good and tired at the end of a day of play. Swinging feels great and stimulates the nervous system (in a good way). Being outside has a calming effect on everyone, including children.
  • Preplan for Getting Dirty: Don’t worry about them getting dirty, find some play clothes that you won’t mind exposing to grass or mud stains. A little preplanning on your part takes a lot of the stress out for everyone

Creativity Opportunities with Nature

  • Interact with Nature:
    With your Kids: Create a nature sculpture with twigs and leaves, stones. If you have young kids, they can stick these items in a playdough base. Photograph your favorite spots, in your yard, the park, around the neighborhood. Some parks have streams flowing through them, which can provide excellent photos.
  • Hands-On: Get messy and have your kids make drawings using shaving cream and food coloring. Or if you have a sandbox, help your child create sand sculptures.
  • Ball Play and Safe Socializing: Simply kicking or throwing a ball back and forth with your child can be very satisfying for both of you. If you go to a park, and there are other children, you can all be 6-10 feet apart and kick the ball back and forth, even with complete strangers. They may also become friends, at least for the time you are all in the park. If you kick, rather than throw, you are staying safe while socializing, and it’s a chance to do something other being indoors playing video games!
  • Activity Lifts Mood! Dr. Brown, the creator of the Shield, was a Chiropractic Neurologist for many years. Something he used to tell his patients who were depressed and anxious was that activity stimulates the brain – elevates your mood and reduces anxiety. He advised his patients to take a 30-minute walk every day. If you have a dog, this is easy – your dog will ask for it! What do dogs know that humans don’t seem to understand? Exercise is a mood lifter for adults and even more so for your children. Take a group walk after dinner – EVERY NIGHT! And see how you all feel in a few weeks. I bet you’ll feel better than you did before.
  • Activity Boosts Your Immune System! Dr. Brown also talked about the value of movement for boosting your immune system. Our bodies need to move to be healthy!
  • Want more suggestions: visit the blog that inspired this blog!

Upgrade your EMF protection

EMF Radiation vs Nature

Most people don’t think much about this, but when you are inside, most likely you are being exposed to WiFi radiation.

Though you can’t feel it, your cells can! If you have a newer router, the WiFi is more intense.

If you have a Smart Meter, add even more radiation to your inside exposure. And, naturally, if you are using a screen of any kind (phone, tablet, a monitor), this is more radiation.

Going outside will lessen the intensity of your exposure. So, please, enjoy these summer evenings, and get outside every day! If you already own EMF protection, then your immune system is receiving support from EMF. If not, consider learning more about what you might need for your own protection.

EMF can deplete your immune system and is a factor in many other issues, but let’s stick with the immune system for now. You can support and strengthen your immune system with personal EMF protection. If you already own a Shield, good for you, and thank you! If not, consider learning more about what you might need for protection for yourself and your family.

EMF outdoors; Yes, there is EMF outdoors from many sources, including power lines, smart meters, cell towers, etc., but it’s not as concentrated as indoors, and your expanded energy field deals with it much better.

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