Smoky Quartz & Onyx, The Whole is Definitely Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Focused Manifestation Beaded ChainIf you’re feeling like you can’t quite get a handle on the chaos around you, reach for a combination of smoky quartz and onyx.

Onyx and Smoky together are said ground your energy in a profound way that goes deeper bringing clarity and focus by connecting your heart and mind. The combination of thought and emotion supercharges and strengthens goals and manifestation.  Vision that comes from your soul rather than just your ego will support you in making choices to bring forth your highest vision.

Smoky quartz is grounding, removes negativity, helps with manifestation of dreams and inspirations and enhances organization (and that’s just for a start).

Smoky quartz has been said by some gem experts to absorb electromagnetic smog and pollution. This is a great stone to wear in addition to your BioElectric Shield if you are extremely sensitive to EMF radiation or are going through a period where you are spending extra long hours in front of a computer or on your cell phone. If you need to have x-rays, radiation therapy, MRI, or are going through airport scanners wear smoky. (You may not be able to wear it during, but put on immediately after it may help absorb the radiation.)

If you are an HSP or empath, this is a good combination to wear as well, especially in combination with a Shield. Negative energy is deflected and absorbed and a sense of calm and happiness can come in its place.

Black onyx brings increased inner strength, focused attention, willpower, discipline and wise decision making. But the magic really happens when they are brought together. They merge into an energy that is much more powerful than either stone together.

The power of onyx and smoky together brings clarity to your vision. Once the vision is clear, they help your energy connect with what looks almost like tendrils to the things, events, people, energies that you need to bring that vision to manifestation. *

This is a great example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. If you’re having difficulty focusing, or manifesting, or just feel like you’re caught in a whirlwind, hang onto these stones and they’ll be your anchor.

Shown above: Focused Manifestation in Gold also available in silver or tubes


* Note from AnnaMariah – All information about gemstones is completely subjective and may work this way for you, or it may not. Wearing gemstones may provide additional benefits as described, or maybe it’s just beautiful to wear.

I am honored to be able to create these gemstone necklaces and beaded chains for the BioElectric Shield Company.

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