Are Smart Meters Helping or Hurting You? Smart Meter Series #1

Smart Meter videoSmart Meter Series – Message #1

Take Back Your Power has created a wonderfully humorous and scary little video. In cute cartoon style, they reveal that Smart Meters do a bunch of things they do not tell you about. None of them are good.

Did you know…

A Smart Meter will connect to all your smart appliances (TV, computer, WiFi, smart phones, smart cars) and monitor your usage, and even power down your usage if they want to? And that you can’t ever turn it off or move your Smart Meter to get it farther away from you?

PG&E has admitted that at least 90% of all the data transmitted from your Smart meter is not transmitting your usage? It’s used as part of a meshed network that talks to itself to serve its own purposes, frequently tied to other commercial uses, none which benefit you.

Smart Meters can Make You very sick

Smart meters give off several types of waves, EMF’s (electromagnetic frequency radiation) and non-thermal radiation waves, all of which can make literally make you ill, sometimes, very ill.

Smart meters broadcast these waves in every direction in pulses that go off at a rate of 2-20 spiked pulses per second. It’s the equivalent of having a strobe light in every room in your home since these waves travel through walls.

Smart Meter frequencies can interfere with pacemakers

Our heart operates at 1-2 Hertz, or 1-2 cycles per second, but these meters emit the frequencies between 300 million cycles per second (300 MHz) up to 3 billion cycles per second (3 GHz). Many users have reported cardiac arrhythmias and interference with pacemakers.

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to this 4+ minute video and find out how Smart Meters will have power over our lives if we don’t work to stop them from being installed in every home in this country.

Watch the video

And if you want Smart Meter protection, there are many solutions available.

Note: We get a lot of calls from people who got very ill within weeks of having a smart meter installed. Many of these people weren’t previously concerned about EMF radiation and hadn’t noticed any kind of sensitivity before the installation. Happily, we’ve been able to help everyone who was open to trying our recommendations.

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