Smart Meter & 5G Protection Products – Smart Meter/5G Series #7


Utility companies are replacing electric, gas and water analog meters with Smart Meters. They are part of a Smart Grid, which is a wireless network that will be used in homes, offices and our environment. Smart Meters are being installed across most of the United States. The World Health Organization has classified RF (Radio Frequency), used in wireless communication, as a 2B carcinogen, the same as lead and DDT!

Military studies have shown than pulsed radiation can produce health issues such as memory loss, tinnitus and seizures.
Thousands of studies link RF radiation with increased cancer risk, DNA damage, sleep disturbances, issues with reproduction (sperm damage) and several effects on the nervous system.

Smart meter complaints include:

  • sleep issues
  • anxiety
  • heart palpitations
  • tinnitus, ear pain
  • difficult focusing
  • memory issues
  • nervous system and hormonal disturbances.

We are being subjected to frequencies that have already been researched and found to inflict serious biological consequences for humans, animals and plants.


5g Networks are a form of wireless that goes far beyond what we are using today for wireless communication. Our current cellular and Wi-Fi networks use microwaves at the 6 higher (GHZ) frequency to transmit voice and data. 5G will use a previously unused spectrum bands at far greater speeds – from 6 GHz to 100 GHz. These higher frequency bands use millimeter waves and sub millimeter waves to transmit data.

This kind of technology interacts with our skin and eyes, and has been used by the military for crowd control. The U.S. military has used a weapon system called the Active Denial System. This system delivers RF millimeter waves at the 95GHz ranges, which penetrates into the skin (1/64th of an inch) and causes a heating sensation that immediately causes people to leave the area.

In June of 2016, Tom Wheeler, FCC Chair, announced the intention to add a 5G build-out. He presented this as an innovative move in the industry and make U.S. companies billions of dollars. We are the guinea pigs for this technology. Is it dangerous. Absolutely. Should it be stopped? Yes, but realistically, we don’t see this happening. He has stated that it is a national priority. Unlike other countries, he states that we should turn innovators lose to define the future, without ANY standards of safety. The video presentation is chilling.


For our complete list of protection strategies and related products, visit our store page:
5G and Smart Meter Protection Strategies and Products

If you’re curious, here’s a preview of the suggestions you’ll find in our Guide

  1. Wear Full-Body EMF protection – A Level 3 or Level 4 are required for full protection if you have a Smart Meter
  2. Place EMF protection in High EMF areas (the Premium Room Shield is recommended)
  3. Use a Room Shield to protect your body and brain during sleep (the Premium Room Shield is recommended)
  4. As a last option, use Anti-radiation paint in your bedroom along with an Anti-Radiation Spray for your windows
  5. Opt-out of the Smart meter or remove your Smart Meter*. You can’t opt out of 5G, so personal protection is key.


If you haven’t had a Smart Meter installed you can writing letters of ”no consent to contract” to Chief Executive Officer of the Electric Co., your Attorney General, Representative, and chairman of Public Utility Commission. For more information on what to say, go online to – www. This site includes video instructions, templates, and a comprehensive FAQ and video library. If you have had a Smart Meter installed, go to the above website for reversing the installation. Also, visit

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