Slow Holidays: A Survival Guide for Sensitives, HSPs and Empath’s

Holiday Survival Guide for sensitives hsps and empaths
Taking it Slow for the Holidays – time to pause

Carol Burbank, Ph.D.
Guest Blogger

“I believe that slowness is an act of resistance, not because slowness is good in itself but because of all it makes room for, the things that don’t get measured and can’t be bought.”
Rebecca Solnit, “Finding Time,” Orion Magazine, 2007

When we’re sensitive to other people’s emotions and struggles, holidays bring extra challenges. Winter celebrations bring their own craziness, the joy/grief cycle of memory, reunions and rituals that touch everyone to the core. Just riding our own rollercoaster is enough! But when we are empathic, we sense everyone else’s wild ride, too! It can be overwhelming.

It’s hard enough to deal with our own stress, faced with family gatherings, work parties and behind-the-scenes shopping and preparation. Here are three tips to slow the holiday rush down so sensitive people can enjoy the ride.

  1. Plan – and take some time to make your home nest beautiful. Make a place where you can feel grounded and have the cozy space you need. Choose a few places to create order out of chaos, and decorate the rest with love. I just cleared out my office, recycling a lot of paper and creating a fresh space for my writing, thinking and planning. What a difference it makes, to sit down and write my Christmas cards on a clean, empty desk. The rest of the house? – well, let’s just say, a quick sweep and a few pine boughs were enough to bring in the holiday feeling.
  2. Make leisurely plans to spend time with friends who value you. You’re going to have to deal with the holiday energy vampires! Why not connect with your nurturer friends, so you’re energized with healthy love? I have a few best friends, my chosen family. They make me feel good just with a text or an email. So during the holidays I make sure we get together and celebrate our amazing connection. Somehow, that makes it easier to remember to keep healthy boundaries with other people.
  3. Keep your healing tools handy! Tuck your favorite tarot cards into your purse and use them to guide a meditative moment at lunch. Wear your best amethysts, or whatever keeps you grounded and calm, to that party you’ve been dreading for months. Treat yourself to a new tool, a little “splurge” that reminds you that you are precious.*

Above all, be sure to slow down. When you start to collect negative emotions, take a moment to breathe. You don’t need to carry anyone else’s burdens, unless you really want to! As you ground yourself with your mindful breath, look at something lovely, or remember something that gives you a sense of gratitude or joy.

Remember, the winter holidays are all about the return of the light, that unmeasurable moment when the sun turns towards spring and hope.  So take it slow,  and savor the season.

 Happy Holidays from AnnaMariah, Virginia, Carol and Joan

Note: As I was getting ready to post this, I saw a Facebook post by Wayne Dyer that so perfectly fits the theme I had to share it with you.



‘Tis the season when we really need a moment of silence.

Read the Rest of the Article by Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer (Shield wearer)

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* Note from AnnaMariah – of course, we know you’ll be wearing your BioElectric Shield to all the holiday gatherings. Now might also be a good time to consider upgrading to the next level Shield and giving yourself a gift of extra protection and balancing.

One thought on “Slow Holidays: A Survival Guide for Sensitives, HSPs and Empath’s

  1. AnnaMariah

    The holidays can be an especially difficult time for HSPs and empaths because you’re dealing not only with your own stress but sometimes can be hit hard with someone else’s emotional issue.

    Here’s an example – I got an email from a new customer/friend who is extremely empathic.

    “Help, I arrived at the airport in Pittsburgh and sat down for a few minutes and got hit by some huge, horrible negative energy! I know the energy was not mine. I feel aweful and am trying to shake it. Never experienced this before and being a new Empath, not sure how to get rid of it. I am wearing my bio electric shield and lapis and kyanite necklace and earrings and the energy still got through. What do you suggest I do? Thanks!” Sheila

    My reply
    “Breathe. – take about 20 deep breaths and let it all out.
    Airports are the worst especially at the holidays. Even with Shield etc it can get through if it’s really intense.
    As soon as you get to where you are going, go stand on the earth for a few minutes – even in the cold if you can take off your shoes for even a minute it will help.

    In the meantime I’m sending you some Reiki, gemstone, awesome healing energy to help clear things out!

    I “tuned in” and it seems that you and your beautiful son really triggered someone’s grief and rage – possibly has a child who died, not sure, but the emotion is unbelievably intense. It’s not directed at you, per se, but at the unfairness of life and you, at the moment are the target.

    Keep breathing and it will pass.”

    She wrote back a short time later that she was feeling much better.

    The Shield isn’t a wall and can’t keep out everything. But it can keep out a good share of it, and I’ve found that with instances like this your awareness is triggered quickly enough that you can take steps to clear that energy before it gets a good hold on you, so recovery time can be pretty fast. It also never hurts to reach out to another empathic friend and ask for a little extra help.

    These things don’t happen a lot, but I have been on the receiving end much like Sheila in days past – and it was usually not anyone I’d even interacted with, but always seemed to be just me in general, or more likely what I represent or remind a person of that triggers some intense reaction. The other person would most likely be horrified to know that their feelings were picked up by someone else.

    If this happens, try breathing and grounding and you should be able to shake it off fairly quickly – especially if you’re wearing a Shield, because the Shield helps your energy ground and rebalance.

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