Shouldn’t I Be Able to Protect Myself? Why Do I Need a Shield?

Umbrella for your Energy FieldWe get asked this question frequently.

While each person has tremendous untapped potential to protect themselves without a Shield, why not take advantage of a natural product that will protect you from unnatural energies? If you had a choice between flying between San Francisco and New York, or walking, most people would use the technology of airplane, instead of taking months to walk! It can be thought of as a modern convenience just the way we think of phones and cars. They make our lives easier.

Another way to think of it is that the Universe provides us with all kinds of tools. We take vitamins, receive health care treatments like massage, use power tools, use a phone – all of which make our lives easier and more pleasant.

The world offers us technology which has side effects for our bioenergetic fields. Some people don’t notice much, but their energy systems are using energy to maintain their own natural frequency – one that is VERY different from a wireless signal. (See below to links to more info about the effects of technology)

Many people who used to be able to protect themselves pretty well are finding that as the bombardment increases with more cell towers, WiFi, even city-wide WiFi, they are less effective. And, yes, they’ve been calling to order Shields as they acknowledge that they need more help.

Again, why waste your energy doing this? Let the Shield deflect those energies so you can use the energy that your body would have used to do that – to do something more productive, fun – or simply to feel more energized!

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    With the ever-increasing level of EMF from WiFi everywhere and Smart meters, it’s becoming more and more difficult to maintain. What once was manageable may no longer be okay. Read this article – Has a Trigger Event Caused your Sensitivity – Another way this works as well is that if you’re an HSP, the EMF is also eroding your natural defenses.

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