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Shift to New Perspectives on Enjoyment

How are those resolutions going for you? Did you start off the year with a list of things that you want to stop doing, or start doing? How many of them have dropped by the wayside?

Why is it that despite good intentions, so why can’t you seem to follow through?

In many cases, it’s because we are letting our brain tell us what we Should do. I’m sorry, but we just don’t like being “should on”. Our inner child, our rebellious self, goes into overdrive, getting back to the status quo.

In our crazy world, we are bombarded with EMF and demand so much of ourselves that we often lose perspective of what brings us joy. A more positive approach will take away some of the stress you are experiencing and you’ll find you’re happier and more productive. This is true for all of us, but if you’re an HSP or empath it’s even more so because you are greatly affected by stress.

What if you changed perspective and really spent some timing allowing your heart and spirit to fill in some things that you’d really enjoy doing and/or that feel positive, affirming and uplifting. Think of some things you’ve been wanting to do, or that you feel good doing, or even things that you loved as a child.

Here are some examples.

Habits for Enjoyment

  • I get up by 5:30am feeling energized – giving myself 2 hours. If I get up at 5, it’s more “me” time.
  • I am grateful for every day I am alive
  • I Love (fill in name/names) and celebrate each day we have together
  • I eat healthy food because I feel better, look better and have more energy
  • I love what “is” as the gift the Universe is giving me for optimum learning and blessings
  • I have music in my life daily – I sing along to Spotify and explore new and old artists
  • I Laugh a lot
  • I enjoy love and the richness of friendships
  • I have music in my life daily – I sing along (loudly) to Spotify and explore new and old artists


New or Improved Skills

  • I enjoy exploring new skills that bring enrichment to my life
  • I am enjoying learning to …….
  • I plan my time carefully so that I am more efficient and have more time for the things I want to do – cluster emails (3x/day), number tasks – using a timer, work 40/play-personal-20.
  • I tell myself and those I love daily “One of the many things I like (appreciate) about you…”


  • I flow with joy through life – expecting success, experiencing it, and quietly being grateful – always.
  • I am relaxed about life – It’s a good day!
  • Have Do Be – I think that to have something, I have to do something, but it’s really about creating a state of being that will produce that which I want in my life (health, success, abundance, peace, joy….)
  • I splash in puddles
  • I dance in the rain
  • I let my inner child out to play and have fun
  • I see beauty and grace all around me

The Universe brings me who and what I need always and I accept with gratitude.

Try some of this and see if it changes how you feel about your life. Have a joyful rest of the year.

In our crazy world, we are bombarded with EMF, loads of things we should be doing, and often lose perspecive of what brings us joy. 

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