Shield Question #3 – How do I make sure my Shield is at Full Strength?

” I just had to share the beautiful spot I found to recharge my shield. I have often felt that this angel statute on my balcony watches over me, just as my Shield does!! “
Livingston Lacroix

Photo by Livingston Lacroix

Photo by Livingston Lacroix

With a little bit of care, your BioElectric Shield will give you a life-time of protection and peace of mind.

    • At a minimum, charge it three or four times a year by the following methods: If you’ve had your Shield for a long-time, this may be welcome news. But since you cannot overcharge your Shield, do it whenever you think of it.
    • We still recommend once a month – just because it’s a good habit to get into and will keep your Shield at peak efficiency, but if you miss a month or three you’re still okay, just hang it a little longer next time.
    • Hang it outside. Hang your Shield where it is continuously exposed to natural light. If it’s sunny, hang it outside for 3 hours, if cloudy: 6 hours.
    • Hang in Window: If necessary, install a hook in your window so the Shield can dangle freely inside your window. We recommend 8 hours if recharging in a window.
    • You cannot over-charge your Shield.

emf protection shield

emf protection pendant

  • Wear your Shield outside your clothing on a sunny day. It will charge while you are outdoors. We recommend doing this every few months.
  • The Shield IS DRAINED BY MOONLIGHT. If you do leave it out in moonlight, simply re-charge for double the number of hours it was exposed to moonlight.
  • TIP: Hang your Shield during the dark of the moon (new moon) that way if you do forget it, no hard done.
  • Charging it more often is fine!
  • Keep your Shield at 100% power for the rest of your life either by charging regularly at home, or send to us every few years for a Recharge, Examination and Repolish.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is charging the shield for 2 hours over 3 days have the same effect as one 6 hour charge? Answer: It’s best to do it for 3 continuous hours if it’s sunny – and 6 continuous hours if it’s cloudy.
  • Does the shield benefit from random charging….hour here, hour there?
    Answer: Yes, now you can wear it outside your clothing and charge it. We still recommend hanging it outside for several hours at a time once a year.
  • Is it moonlight(dark) that drains your shield or should you avoid charging it when the moon is out during the day? Or visible during the day? Or not behind the Horizon?
    Answer: It’s better to do it when the moon is not visible during the day. That being said, the sun energy is stronger than the moon when the sun is out, but the optimal charge will occur when none of the 3 conditions you mention exist.
  • What if my EMF Protection Shield hangs overnight in the moonlight?
    Answer: A rule of thumb is to hang it out twice as many hours as it was exposed to moonlight. You need to recharge your shield for the next 2 days to restore to 100% functioning.

    • If you have any doubt about the strength of your shield, you can make sure it’s working at maximum efficiency by sending to have re-polished and re-charged in our crystal room.
    • You can request that our consultant personally examine your Shield to make sure it is at 100% power after it’s been recharged. If it’s not, it will be placed in the Crystal Room until a full charge is achieved. (If this is not possible we will call you, but this seldom happens!)
    • Can I charge it with salt water or full-spectrum lights? No. Only sunlight will recharge the Shield.
    • Does my EMF Protection Shield have to be cleansed? Does it pick up negative energy? When you are wearing a Shield, it is focused on balancing and protecting your energy. the Shield does not pick-up negative energy – it deflects it away from you.

More info about the care and feeding of your Shield

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