Shield Question #2 How Do I Care for My Shield?

Caring for your BioElectric Shield EMF Blocker PendantHow do I keep the finish on my Shield looking like new?

The good news is that even if your Shield is tarnished, it won’t significantly affect its performance. However, the shiny finish is slightly more refractive of EMF, so it’s good to keep it polished.

And we know you like to keep you Shield looking good, so here are some tips on how to do that.

Polishing Your BioElectric Shield

    • When to polish: We recommend that you polish your Shield occasionally, but a dull Shield will perform at nearly the same effectiveness as a polished one.
    • Recharge every 2-4 weeks The most important thing you can do is recharge your shield regularly. With the coming of 5g, we’ve changed this from monthly to more frequently because your Shield is working harder than ever to protect you, and can get drained more quickly.
    • What kind of polishing cloth should you use? The cloth we carry came recommended by the largest jeweler supplier in this country. We agree after trying a few others. It can quickly polish your Shield, and any other jewelry you have. Most people order 2 kits at a time. They are not washable since the cleaning compound is part of the cloth. Order the Polishing Kit (many people get 2 at a time)
    • If you prefer, you can use an ordinary silver polish, silver tarnish dip that comes in a tub or natural methods for removing tarnish from silver.
    • How do I polish a satin finish shield? To restore the satin finish, you will need to get our Polishing Kit. The kit contains the buffing pad that will restore the satin, textured finish of your Shield after you have used the cloth to remove tarnish.
    • Watch a video of how to polish your Shield


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