Shield Protects Woman from Toxic Personalities

BioElectric Shield EMF Blocker Pendant Protects from Toxic Personalities

Why Mothers Give Their Daughters the Shield

In March, 2013, I received this distressing email:

“Dear Virginia,

It was such a sad day, today when I discovered that I left my Shield
in the bin at the Albuquerque airport while going through the security
check point. And I cried, a lot.

I have called TSA, and e-mailed them a picture of a shield that I
downloaded from your website.

At this time there is no news of its whereabouts, but I am still
hopeful that it will be returned to me.

I bought my shield about 6 years ago. You might remember me because I
bought two at one time. The other was for my daughter. I bought them
with inheritance money after my mother died.

I have no idea how it might help to share my sad news with you, but I
felt compelled to write to you for some reason.


Background Story – In 2008, a Rachel and her daughter came to our booth at a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo. What a lovely pair they were! After testing different Shields, they each left with the Shield style that worked best for each of them. The funds came from a family inheritance, so these gifts were extremely precious. They both felt they needed the protection, and Rachel felt it was the perfect gift for an inheritance. Three generations were involved with this purchase!

After receiving Rachel’s distressed email, I wrote back offering her a special price on a replacement, but happily I received another email.

“Dear Virginia,

Lucky for me. I stuck it in a pocket of my backpack, and just found it.  Now I know just how important it is to me!”

I asked her about sharing what it means to wear a Shield, and she answered: “I definitely have a strong attachment to my Shield that I cannot explain. 

I have a lot of positive changes in my life but I do not know that I can contribute all such changes to the shield.  I am a person who is always striving to be a better person.  My diet has improved.  I have a better job.  And I am happy with my life.

“And I wear my shield most days, especially to work where I have a strong desire to protect myself from many toxic personalities.”

Both Rachel and her daughter wear their Shields regularly. This experience has made Rachel realize how important having the benefits of wearing a Shield. Many Shield wears share this feeling. They can’t tell you exactly tell you why they reach for it each day, but if it’s gone, they miss it terribly.

Why do mothers give a Shield to a daughter or granddaughter? Because they love them – and want their lives to be very good and very safe. Perhaps after reading this story, you’ll decide this is a day to celebrate wearing your Shield. You still have it, and it’s serving you quietly, enhancing your quality of life.

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