Set Yourself up for Success – No More Resolutions

getting a head start on New Years resolutionsNo More Setting Yourself Up for Failure with Resolutions

Traditionally the New Year is a time to make resolutions. Resolutions, always seem to set you up to fail. If you think about it, resolutions all seem in some ways to rely on guilt and making yourself wrong for what you’ve been doing. You often make grandiose promises to yourself, then reality sets in and they fall away.

Instead of making the usual resolutions – lose weight, get out of debt, get more business, take more time off, etc, spend the day reflecting on the past year. Think about what worked, what didn’t, what energized you and what left you feeling drained. Imagine a life in which you feel more empowered and in flow.

Focus on the End-State-Emotion

Make goals for accomplishments, but instead of making it a “must do” instead concentrate on how you will feel when something is done. This is called the end-state-emotion. Your emotions are much more powerful in getting to a goal than your mere thoughts. Your emotions bring in your thoughts, feelings, even bringing into your body so it’s something you can really begin to feel as a possible reality.

Try this phrase to help you make choices is “Does this bring me joy?” It’s helpful to go through different aspects of your life and really allow yourself to feel how you imagine it would feel if you:

  • Had that job
  • Finished the book you’ve been working on, or start the one you’ve just been thinking about
  • Spent more quality time with friends and family
  • Had a home that felt like a haven every time you walked in
  • Had a healthier body and could get out and do the things you wanted to do more easily and with more energy
  • Fill in the blank_____________________

Here’s an article written by a friend of mine based on her understanding of the brain. New Year Questions. Not Resolutions! She’s got some excellent questions that may help you fine-tune your choices.

Clearing Things Out

This is the perfect time to clear your desk and get organized. Spring cleaning never makes sense…it’s Spring and you want to be outside. During these winter months clearing spaces can be uplifting. It has the extra bonus of helping to get rid of the old things which are no longer needed, which is always energizing. It’s as if all that clutter or stuff weights you down.

Clearing things out and cleaning your desk or files is also great in that it helps you get things organized for doing your taxes.

Clearing Your Body Out

Rather than make resolutions like – lose weight, exercise more etc I prefer to focus on a positive goal. If you want to lose weight – what’s your why? Do you want to simply have more energy, be healthier, or do you want to feel sexy again.

Once you have your why make that be your Goal. Focus on the emotion that comes when you imagine having reached that goal as this reinforces the positive, rather than constantly pulling you down.

      • Body – Energy cleaning out – You might do a cleanse, go on a diet or start a detox program.
      • Body energy clearing – One way to really shift things is to reduce the impact of both EMF and other people’s draining energy. The BioElectric Shield can help with this tremendously. The Shield neutralizes and deflects both types of energy, plus it grounds and balances your energy at the same time.

Reduce Your Electromagnetic Load

You might also consider reducing your electromagnetic load! We’re surrounded by WiFi and all manner of electronics. Reduce the Impact!

Tips to reduce your EMF load:

Imagine Your Future – Focus on Your End-State-Emotion

When you’re clearing your body and energy – imagine what you will feel like when you have more energy, stamina and general good health. Really let yourself feel what that will be like. This process can give your willpower a huge boost. It’s all very different when you go from – giving things up and denying yourself, to choosing a new healthier, more joyful life.

Have a Happy New Year


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