10 Tips to Support and Protect Your Body while Flying – Travel Tips Series #2

Support and Protect Your Body While Flying  Travel Tips Series #2 By Virginia Brown, Occupational Therapist, President, BioElectric Shield Co. If you’re like most of us, you travel on airplanes at least once a year, possibly far more frequently! You can beat some of the hazards of airline travel with these tips – reduce EMF […]

10 Tips to Minimize Your EMF Radiation Exposure While Traveling

Minimize Your EMF Radiation Exposure When Traveling If you are staying home or driving a short distance for your vacation, you won’t be dealing with throngs of people in airports. However, thousands of people choose to fly somewhere for their holidays or for business. Arriving rested and happy is the goal, right? There are many […]

Hybrid Cars are Green but do they Put your Family at Risk? Travel Tips Series #3

 Protect Yourself from EMF & Bluetooth while Driving Is there a hidden dark side that comes with hybrid cars? Much has been touted about the energy savings that go with hybrid cars. Little attention has been given to possible health issues from EMF and Bluetooth technology in our new “smart cars”. Environmental protection agencies from […]

Travel Tips for HSPs, Empaths, and everyone else – Travel Series #1

Travel can be alternately exhausting, frustrating and energizing. How can you even things out? Let’s face it, travel can be extremely stressful for everyone. If you’re an HSP or empath it can be even more trying. Airports, Crowded planes, jet lag, strange surroundings, figuring out where to go and what to do, time schedules, etc, […]

Is Technology Disrupting Your Child’s School Performance?

School Performance Issues – Table of Contents Cell phones can disrupt focus WiFi, Notebooks, Laptops disrupt children attempting to learn Technology disrupts teachers too! Buzzing, Beeping and Clicks are distracting and can lead to dopamine addiction Dopamine Addiction – How it’s triggered 12 Tips to help your child’s school performance What can you do to […]

Tips to De-stress & Stay Safe this Holiday – 2020

Simple tips to help you enjoy your holidays with less stress and end the year with ease. It may take some creativity to stay safe and connected this year. A few changes can benefit HSP’s, Empaths, and everyone else as well. This time of year tends to bring out the best and the worst for […]

Are you feeling like a Raving Lunatic, or feeling the stress of the holidays?

If you don’t want to end up like this poor woman – taping your own mouth shut to keep from screaming, check out our tips and thoughts about the holidays. Is your head reeling with all the things on your list (or lists)? Heck, can you even keep track of the lists? Are you finding […]

Why does Dr. Martin Pall say “5G is the Stupidest Idea in the History of the World?

“5G is the Stupidest Idea In the History of the World” Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University is not mincing words about a technology that is being shoved down our throats by the mobile communications industry. Big Corporations are influencing our politicians to the point where […]

Social Distancing -The Blessing in Disguise!

Social Distancing Means We Get to Go Outside to Socialize! Summer at Home Most of us thrive on predictability. We have our jobs which used to include showing up at work, usually outside our home. But now, many of us are working from home. And guess what, many of us have children who are NOT […]

Our Customers Speak about how EMF protection Shield Boosted their Immune Systems

What proof do we have that the BioElectric Shield can boost your immune system? We’ve been asked what proof we have that the BioElectric Shield can boost the immune system. We have conducted a number of research studies that show the body is stronger when wearing a Shield.  We chose to focus on the effectiveness […]