What Can You do to Keep Fear & Chaos from Depleting Your Immune System?

Do you feel all the fear, every time you turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper or read all the posts on Facebook? Did you know that fear can actually weaken your immune system making you more susceptible to viral flu and other illnesses? Stress and over-stimulation weakens your Immune system

Our Customers Speak about how EMF protection Shield Boosted their Immune Systems

What proof do we have that the BioElectric Shield can boost your immune system? We’ve been asked what proof we have that the BioElectric Shield can boost the immune system. We have conducted a number of research studies that show the body is stronger when wearing a Shield.  We chose to focus on the effectiveness […]

Block EMF To Boost Your Immune System all Night

Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure Depletes Your Immune System We’re “Live Wires” – A Day at the Beach Humans are “electromagnetic” beings. We know how to see, hear, think and move because we all have a network of electrical impulses constantly traveling throughout our body. Our skins cells are a perfect example of how electromagnetic impulses can […]

Are There Scary Monsters Hiding Under Your Bed?

Are you feeling anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed? It seems everyone is more stressed over the current world situation. The hostility with the elections is a palpable energy, that can affect your health and wellbeing on many levels including focus, energy, tense muscles, and sleepless nights. When you try to sleep it’s like all the scary monsters […]

Off-balance & drained? Are you depleted by our technology or other people’s stress and fear?

Does this sound like you? You’re doing all the right things…eating well (fresh, non-GMO, etc), exercising, meditating, following doctor’s advice, etc and yet you feel strangely off-balance and unsettled, easily irritated, exhausted, at times even feeling like it’s all too much to handle. Does it seem like you are inundated by too much noise, too […]

Social Distancing -The Blessing in Disguise!

Social Distancing Means We Get to Go Outside to Socialize! Summer at Home Most of us thrive on predictability. We have our jobs which used to include showing up at work, usually outside our home. But now, many of us are working from home. And guess what, many of us have children who are NOT […]

Ways to Solve Pandemic EMFing Syndrome

Are you experiencing Pandemic EMFing Syndrome? Are you feeling off, just not quite your normal focused self? You may be suffering from a new term we just came up with – Pandemic EMFing Syndrome. Let me explain We’ve received a number of calls from Shield customers who are experiencing a return of EMF symptoms – […]


How are you dealing with our current situation? Are you responding to the world around you with fear or love? You can stay safe and keep your distance, and still connect in meaningful ways. WE SEE WHAT WE EXPECT TO SEE I got a call recently from a dear friend, “Bonnie” who was upset after […]

Superfoods, Super Attitude, Super Immunity and You

Superfoods, Super Attitude, and Super Immunity Super Immunity can be yours with a few simple changes. It’s all about what you put into your body and mind. SUPERFOODS Boost Your Immune System Food is medicine! If your plate has 1-2 cups of veggies on it at every meal, you may be amazed at how well […]