Rollercoaster Emotions aren’t Fun. Are they even Yours?

Rollercoaster emotions with very unhappy face in centerThe Rollercoaster emotions – from happy to depressed, anxious, or out-of-sorts in seconds flat!

If you’re an empath or an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) your rollercoaster emotions can often feel out of control. They can also be extremely confusing because sometimes they aren’t even yours.

That sudden mood swing may be an emotion that you’ve “picked up” from someone else; co-workers, neighbors, friends, your kids, your significant other, even the person standing behind you in the grocery store.

This happens most strongly with those you are closest to, your emotions are all intertwined, and you are most open to their energy and feelings – often putting you on a rollercoaster emotion ride of negative out-of-control emotions. But it can also occur with complete strangers if you’re “in sync” with them in some way or if you are stressed, vulnerable, ungrounded or have “permeable” boundaries and have a wide-open unprotected energy field.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

I had a conversation with a friend recently who had been feeling pretty good. She’d found just what she was looking for at the mall at a great price. Suddenly, as she left the store and walked to her car, she was filled with doubt and unbelievably tired and sad. She went home and meditated trying to figure out what was up, and just couldn’t seem to find an answer. Then she had an “aha” moment and remembered bumping into someone who’d seemed particularly down.

Ask Yourself, Is this Emotion Even Mine?

When you have a rapid change of mood; check right away to see if this feeling makes sense. I highly recommend that you do not spend a lot of time processing through these emotions, or you run the risk of getting even more enmeshed in them.

It’s really quite simple. Ask yourself:

  • Is this emotion mine?
  • Does it make sense in my life, in what’s happening in the here and now?
  • Did something trigger an old memory?
  • Have I been worried or upset about something that I just haven’t acknowledged?

If the answer is no, then you can be pretty sure that you’ve picked up someone else’s stuff. It’s usually pretty clear. If a mood shift comes out of the blue and there are no obvious triggers, you’re most likely picking up someone else’s emotional pain or distress.

Acknowledge and Let Go ASAP

Once you realize it’s not yours, it’s much easier to deal with. It’s important to come to understand what’s happening as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend a lot of time in that down energy. Your mind will start to fill in stories to explain why you’re upset. There is nothing productive about that!

You have enough of your own “stuff” to deal with, without being blindsided by someone else’s. The most invasive emotions tend to be sadness or depression, but can also include anxiety, fear, doubt, even anger. In some cases, you can even be experiencing someone else physical pain.

Releasing the pain or negative emotion

You can make up some elaborate statements or declarations. Some people call on St. Michael, Jesus, God, Goddess etc to help release them from any emotions that aren’t their own. I’ve found that simply making a statement “this is not mine”  or “I release all thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are not my own” and taking a couple of deep breaths visualizing it leaving you and clear white or golden light filling you back up is enough to feel like yourself again.


Help yourself by realizing what’s happening, releasing the energy, and doing something positive for yourself.

Take a walk, hug a tree, be in nature, take a bath or shower, watch a funny movie or video, call a friend (not the one you’re thinking about), listen to music….you get the idea I’m sure.

Youtube to the rescue

Those 3-minute videos online can be just the ticket. I especially like the funny kitten/ puppy videos, laughing babies, or even a lively dance video. It’s hard to feel down when watching any of those. Keep a number of sites bookmarked that have just those kinds of videos so it’s easy to find when needed.

I also keep a folder in iTunes labeled uplifting music. The right song can be transformative within just a few bars; if listened to regularly, your nervous system is keyed to instant response.

Be Kind to Yourself and the World

This is a learning process. You’ve probably learned some bad habits and maybe even feel that you’re uncaring if you’re not wallowing in it too. Not so. You cannot be of help when your energy is down and depleted.

You won’t get it right all the time. That’s just fine. Do the best you can and know that it’s like a muscle and gets stronger with practice.

Help is Available

I highly recommend wearing a BioElectric Shield. The Shield does a good job of shielding you from most of the random “floating” depression, anxiety, and fear. However, because you’ve learned to open yourself to other people’s energy in order to help them, you can override the ability of the Shield to keep it out. Again, this is especially true with those closest to you.

While the Shield cannot keep you completely shielded all the time, it does provide you with a cushion. I notice a kind of “space” between my initial reaction to reach out and pull their energy in, and actually doing so. I normally chose to acknowledge the situation and let the energy pass me by. If I DO take it on, it allows that release to be much quicker and I also recognize it much sooner

Stay vigilant – pay attention to rollercoaster emotions – stay clear

Hey, I don’t mean to be on guard all the time. But I do mean that you should be self-aware and understand your own moods well enough that you recognize sudden mood swings for what they are and release any energies that are not your own.

“Every morning when I put on my Level 3 Shield I am thankful for that much-needed level of protection and clarity.” Joanna A, Empath (read what more HPS/empaths have to say)

PS if you haven’t already taken our HSP Quiz, you might want to do so now to learn more about your energy sensitivity.

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