Reconnect with Yourself and Your Abilities or Gifts – HSP – Empath Series #5

Unblock your abilities & gifts

Do you ever feel like you’re not truly connecting with your unique abilities and gifts? Does daily life just seem to overwhelm that energy? You’re not alone, this is a common problem for many who are energy sensitive.

How do you connect more with your abilities and energies?

“Julie” wrote after taking our HSP sensitivity quiz, “How do I connect more with my abilities and energies? I have always had an emphatic energy but have blocked it over time. I feel I have lost much of myself in this and would like to reconnect and re-center.”

Julia scored very high on Emotional Sensitivity (empath), yet felt like she’d blocked most of her gifts. Does this sound like you as well?

Your unique design allows you to experience the world more vividly

A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that this sensitivity is a genetic trait; it’s literally how you are wired. Adam Anderson, study co-author, wrote “As our genes influence how we literally see the positive and negative aspects of our world more clearly, we may come to believe the world has more rewards or threats.”

You are actually wired differently so that you can experience the world more vividly. The insights you gain can help you in many ways, but that can have drawbacks as well. We’ve covered many of these plusses and minuses in our article “What Does it Mean to be a Highly Sensitive Person?” 

The Upside of Sensitivity

The upside is that you have some unique abilities or “Super Powers” that can help you in many ways as you go through life.

Julia’s story is very common for HSPs and Empaths; when you have few coping tools and no BioShield, it’s often necessary to learn ways to shut down or block what is, in fact, a natural way you have of being in and sensing the world. This shut-down disrupts not only the natural way you were designed to connect with the world around you, but also with yourself and the way you were meant to be in the world. This makes it difficult for you to truly feel alive and vibrant or to fully live your purpose.

Note: with the increase of EMF and chaos in the world, even those with strong coping skills are finding it more and more difficult to stay centered.

The Downside of Sensitivity

The strange other side of this issue is that if you don’t block off some of the energy overload, you could also lose touch with yourself, unable to determine which feelings, emotions, pain and even thoughts are your own.

You do want to be open to:

· feel positive energy
· to sense things around you
· connect with nature
· “tune in” to your 6th sense
· feel the love
· be connected to your wholeness, guidance, spirit, your core being.
· live your purpose, which you can only do when you are centered in your fullness

If you haven’t taken our Energy Sensitivity Quiz, you can take it now, it scores you on six areas of sensitivity and gives you some tips and ideas on how to manage more easily. Check your email  or our blog for links to articles that can help you understand how and where you are sensitive along with some tips and coping ideas. You can also click here for a long list of articles and resources designed to help you regain your essential, dynamic self.

BioShield helps you be more fully, deeply who you are

A friend who is a talented healer and spiritual teacher called me a couple of weeks after getting a Level 3 BioElectric Shield and confided, “It does so much more than just balance and protect. This Shield helps me to be more truly and fully who I am on a very deep level.”

If that’s what you want for yourself, consider getting a Shield for yourself. If you already have a Shield, congratulate yourself and really allow your energy to open and unfold.

The world needs the fullness of you.

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