Quick Guide to EMF and Personal Energy Protection – EMF Series#6

Quick guide to emf Protection Bioelectric shield energy protection pendantAre you wondering exactly what to buy to protect yourself from the EMF – electromagnetic frequency radiation – which comes from many sources: WiFi, cellular phones, computers, laptops, monitors, Smart Meters, Cell towers, appliances and all electronics. You may even be sensitive to other people’s energy, moods, and negativity. We recommend the full-body protection BioElectric Shield.  The BioElectric Shield balances your energy field and deflects and neutralizes EMF and other people’s energy, allowing you to be at your best.

For targeted EMF protection, please read over the variety of targeted solutions we have. We always recommend full-body protection first, and then the addition of protection for your cellular phone and other EMF generating devices. Depending on your situation and needs you may decide to start with the devices and then gradually decide to get full-body protection.

Full-body Protection

Kim Nagy - Shield gives her energyThe best protection, and most efficient EMF and personal energy protection, be it EMF or other people’s energy is the BioElectric Shield. It can be worn or carried in a pocket during the day and then placed by your bed at night offering energy protection 24/7.

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Targeted Protection for Your Devices

Cellular Phones – Spray or Stick-On Devicesaegis anti-radiation spray

The Aegis Anti-radiation shielding spray. The spray leaves an invisible layer of jagged particles which break up the long radiation waves, thus changing their frequency.If you are willing to remove the case and the protective screen cover just once to spray the phone, you’ll never have to spray it again.

The WaveShield – is placed over the speaker of your phone where you place your ear. The WaveShield distorts/breaks up the EMF waves using a screen.

The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer uses a frequency which is generated from the design on the sticker to deflect the EMF waves. All these products have been around for years and they all deflect high amounts of EMF from your phone.

The Harapad Armband is an EMF shielded band which keeps the EMF away from your head. It’s very useful if you use your phone outdoors or want it to be hands-free wherever you are. Many people listen to music using earbuds and their phones. It’s far safer to have the phone on your arm than around your waist, which is only a few inches from many vital organs! Keeping EMF away from your brain and pelvis is a true safety measure.

Tablets – Laptops- TV’s – Monitors

Shielding SprayAE-LS-new-text

The same Aegis Anti-Radiation Shielding Spray can be used effectively on tablets, monitors, TVs. The layer of protection it leaves wears off with friction, so if you are using it with a tablet, you will have to respray periodically. that being said, it’s deflecting up to 99% of the radiation, so it’s a worthwhile investment to re-spray your tablet as needed.

Harapad – EMF Protection for iPads and Laptops

The Harapad iPad case and EMF blocker pad are extremely effective! By placing your Ipad in the case, you’ve eliminated the majority of EMF from the pad. By placing the hard EMF blocker pad under your laptop, you’re effectively stopped radiation from going into your pelvis. I’ve personally used the EMF blocker pad for the past 5 years!

Handy Portable EMF Protection Blanket for Laptops or Tablets

430-textThe EMF Protection blanket was designed as a protection to place over the belly if you are pregnant. (click here to read more ideas on protection during pregnancy) However, the rest of us realized that this blanket could be used by anyone, anywhere! You can travel with it in a pack or suitcase and pull it out when you’re at the hotel working on your laptop. I’ve used it to Shield my dog from my own laptop when he’s up on the couch sitting near the computer.

Handling EMF caused by Dirty Electricity – from your electronics and appliances

What is dirty electricity?

When more electricity than is needed to power anything that is run on electricity, you get a surge in the power. Surges mean a huge amount of electricity if traveling through the wiring. The big surge also includes a big electromagnetic field – known as EMF. There are 2 sources of dirty electricity – and each product addresses ONE of those sources: dirty electricity that comes in from your utility company as it enters your home via your breaker box. To solve this issue, read about the Satic products. The second source is from all your electronics or appliances. Read about the Stetzer filers to solve this type of dirty electricity.

Satic EMF Eliminators -Handles Dirty Electricity from your Home Wiring

Compositwithtext200When it comes into your home via your power pole, it’s called dirty electricity. These surges travel all throughout your home, creating EMF all over your home. There are 2 solutions to this.

If you own your own home, the Whole Home Unit is ideal because it is installed next to your breaker box. All electricity from the power pole will be filtered through this line conditioner, flattening all spikes and surges in the electricity, and eliminating the EMF before it even goes to your breaker box.

If you rent, live in a condo or apartment, you can choose the very convenient portable version of this solution. Simply by a pair of their EMF Eliminator Plug-In Units and make sure one is plugged into the A circuitry and one onto the B circuitry. They will continuously flatten spikes as electricity flows past wherever they are plugged in.

Stetzer Filters for Electronics and Appliances

ST100-200StetzerMeter-FilterAll your electronics (computer, TV, phones, printers, DVD, CD, stereo) and appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher) in your home produce dirty electricity as they operate.

To target high EMF producers, simply rent the Stetzer Meter and test each outlet in your home. You’ll get a reading that should be no higher than 50 according to their measurement standards. Start plugging in filters (you made need to use a power strip) until the reading drops below 50. There will always be a slight fluctuation of the meter, but it will only vary 10 points or so. It will let you know how to bring down the EMF in that area.

Typical places to use the filters are in a home office, the entertainment center, near refrigerators and freezers. Directions come with the meter. Visit the Stetzer Filter page in our store for more information.

EMF Protection for your Auto, Home, Clothing, Pets

Dog and Cat EMF Protection

If you have dog or cat you want to protect, you can either get a L22-heart-petPet Shield or a Room Shield to protect them. The pet Shield is worn 24/7 and will provide ongoing EMF protection. This is very helpful for sensitive dogs and/or older dogs who need more help as they age. You may have noticed that cancer is far more common in both cats and dogs than it used to be. We think EMF has something to do with this statistic.

A Room Shield is another option for a pet who doesn’t’ wear a collar. If your pet spends time in one location for many hours a day, simply put a Room Shield close to wear s/he likes to be. If they come into the bedroom at night, simply keep a Room Shield in the bedroom. It will greatly lower the EMF in the bedroom at night. Rest and repair are the two functions the body (human or pet) performs at night. It is very difficult for the body to do this if it is bombarded by EMF all night long.

EMF Protection from Electronics in all Vehicles

L11-RM-autoCUMost vehicles have a huge array of electronics inside the vehicle, including blue-tooth WiFi. Hybrids also have additional EMF from the battery, despite claims that the amount is very small. In both cases, we recommend hanging the Auto Shield (which is a Room Shield used in your vehicle) from the rear-view mirror. It will continuously break up the EMF generated by anything in the vehicle, including anyone using a cellular phone.

EMF Protection for Your Home Office

EMF protection Room BioElectric ShieldThe easiest way to reduce EMF in your home office is to place a Room Shield somewhere inside the office. It has a range of 30 feet in every direction from wherever it is sitting or hanging. You can also spray your monitor, CPU, printer, and phone with the Aegis Spray for additional protection. If you are still sensitive then we recommend adding Stetzer filters in the plugs where you have your office equipment plugged in.

EMF Anti-Radiation Clothing Rinse – Great for anyone carrying their cellular phone in a pocket

fABRIC rINSEDo you work in a hospital or any building with WiFi that is on all the time? We recommend that you wear a BioElectric Shield, but there is ALSO a wonderful product that will transform your everyday clothing into EMF protected clothing. If you are extremely sensitive to EMF, you’ll love this product. You simply place all the clothing you want to be protected in the washing machine, and add the product at the beginning of the rinse cycle. The protection is now inside the fabric and will stay there until it gets wet. If you have a partner who carries a cellular phone on their waist or in their pants pocket, wash their pants and underwear to provide EMF protection for their pelvic area!

EMF Anti Radiation Shielding Paint

Paint additiveIf you want to either put an “EMF protection envelope” around your home to protect you from Smart Meters or Cell towers, there is a safe, hypoallergenic paint additive you can add to whatever paint you wish to use inside your home. This is a huge improvement over the “only black” paint that would do something similar. If you want to protect just a bedroom, you will only paint this room. Many people are getting this, plus a Room Shield, to block out the Smart Meter radiation from their neighbors or their own Smart Meter. Read more about the Aegis Radiation Shield Paint Additive as an innovative way to protect yourself.

Still Unsure What to Do Next? Get personalized recommendations

If you are experiencing any of the electrosensitivity issues listed here, protection is vital to your overall health and well-being. To find out what’s going to help you the most; Take the Quiz, call 541-201-8878 or email us [email protected], or take advantage of our free photo analysis and let us put together a personalized protection package based on your needs.

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