How to Protect Against Cordless Phone Radiation: 6 Quick Tips

how to protect against cordless phone radiationOf the many small appliances you keep in your home, you may be surprised to learn that cordless phones are one of the worst perpetrators of electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs. Learn how to protect against cordless phone radiation with these quick tips for a safer and healthier home.

  1. Keep it away from your face. As with smartphones, many users hold their phones an inch or more away while talking, but many scientists believe this may not be enough. Set it to speaker phone and keep it at least six inches away to be safe.
  2. Switch to a wired landline. The best way to avoid EMFs from both cell phones and cordless phones is to avoid using them completely. When you need to chat, reach for a wired phone instead.
  3. Store it in a spare room. If you absolutely need to keep a cordless phone at home, make sure it stays in a less-frequently used area of the house — not in the bedroom or kitchen where you may spend a lot of time around the radiation.
  4. Invest in a shield. Either a targeted room shield or a shield for your entire home may help reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to, not only from cordless phones but from WiFi routers, laptops, smart meters, and other electronic devices.
  5. Unplug your phone when it’s not in use. Only charge the phone for when you need to use it and unplug it right away once you’re finished with your conversation.
  6. Look for low-EMF models. Some manufacturers now carry cordless phone brands that emit little to no EMF while on standby. They’re sometimes advertised as “eco” models, but check the specifications before you buy.

Before you can fully understand how to protect yourself from cordless phone radiation, you may need to learn why you need protection. Take one of our assessment EMF or HSP quizzes to learn about your susceptibility to the dangers of EMF. Once your understand your risk profile, then you can learn how and why you can reduce your exposure to radiation. Living in the modern world often means that we have to deal with increased EMFs no matter where we go. But with the right protection, you can live happily and healthily in the comfort of your own home, secure in the knowledge that you’re safe.

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