Are other people’s emotions overwhelming you? HSP – Empath Series #4

Ship at sea in stormDo you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of other people’s emotions? If so you may be a highly sensitive person or empath.

So how do you know, if you’re sensitive?

  • Have people told you that you’re just too sensitive. Or suggested that you just need a thicker skin?
  • Do you ever walk into a room where someone is really upset, mad, sad, anxious….and within minutes your good mood is a thing of the past. You become an almost perfect reflection of what the other person is feeling.
  • Do you have days, weeks even, where you just can’t seem to find your emotional center? You’re up, down

What happens when you go to events, malls or crowded places?

Do you suddenly feel unfocused, forget what you came for, even get sucked into some crazy marketing hype – you may know it is crazy, but just can’t seem to resist. The combined energies of all the people, Wifi, electronics and stimulation can be overwhelming if you’re sensitive.

If you’ve ever had these experiences you are most likely an empath, or highly sensitive person.
No, No, I’m not talking about being empathetic or having empathy for how others feel; this is something completely different although most empaths tend to have loads of empathy. What I’m talking about is being energetically sensitive to other people – you can feel other people’s emotions or pain (physical, mental or emotional) as your own or at the very least, have it bring your energy down.

  • Have you ever had a time that you felt great, then sat down next to someone with a headache – and viola you have a headache?
  • Do you ever feel depressed, sad, stressed or just Off suddenly?
  • Do you feel like you need to have stronger boundaries?
  • Do you have days of being super hyper, others exhausted beyond belief – always trying to figure out if it was something you ate, did, etc?

That’s what I’m talking about.

Just learning about the problem can help you make a shift.

It can be a huge relief to discover it’s not all Yours. But often it still isn’t enough despite your best efforts and all the Shielding techniques you could possibly learn still leave you feeling like a sponge. Take our HSP Quiz for more insight into 6 areas of sensitivity and as a bonus get a 15% off discount code.

How come your shielding techniques no longer work?

Have you found that in the last five to ten years the shielding and protection techniques that used to work so well just aren’t doing the job anymore? This is most likely because if you’re highly sensitive to one thing you also tend to be sensitive to the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, Wi-fi and all our technology and to chemicals and environmental toxins. It’s like being double or even triple whammied.

Your own healthy energy is literally being overwhelmed by all the other frequencies around you. I used to be a poster child for sponge person, so I can definitely relate.

There is help available

One thing that has helped literally tens of thousands of people is wearing a BioElectric Shield. The Shield frees your energy up by creating a healthy boundary around you, deflecting the unhealthy, often draining, energies surrounding you and helping you be the best you can be.

No risk – we give you a full 90 days to decide how well it’s working for you with our money back guarantee.

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