5 Tips for a Joyful Holiday and Beyond

Do you look forward to the Holidays with anticipation or dread? This can be a stressful time for many people. We overload ourselves with too much to do, too much to buy, and let’s face it, families can be challenging at times. Here are some happiness tips for the holidays and beyond.

10 Ways to Stop 5G – We don’t want to be guinea pigs

10 Steps to Stop 5G Dr. Martin Pall came to our area recently and spoke to us about the dangers of 5G. His information was hair-raising. There are people who are comparing the assault of 5G on our modern civilization to similar times in history where bullies ran over thousands and even millions of their […]

Complete Body Protection from EMF and other dangerous frequencies – EMF Series #13

If you block cell phone radiation are you protecting your body? Our answer has to be, it depends! Individual products like Aulterra and Aegis spray products do an excellent job handling the localized EMF radiation that comes from carrying or speaking on your cell phone. However, EMF radiation comes from many more sources than just […]

Why You Should Opt-Out from a Smart Meter #4 Smart Meter Series

Smart Meters Crash Appliances, Catch Fire and Explode and May Endanger your Health. Smart meters are dangerous – they can catch fire and explode and worse yet, may present serious health issues. or mysterious symptoms and heart arrhythmia. In a recent article from the Activist Post, very valuable information has been released to the public. It […]

WiFi Emergency Services Phones Music in your car can cause you Worrisome Health Safety Issues – WiFi & Health Series #9

Worrisome Health & Safety Issues in your car from WiFi Emergency Services & Phones & Music ! Do you have an Emergency Button or Handsfree phone service in your car? Do you get tired when you are driving? It may not just be the long hours on the road or the hypnotizing effect of driving, […]

Why Do Scientists Warn Against 5G Technology? Smartphones-5G Series #7

Scientists warn of potential serious health affects with 5G Technology. About a year ago, 180 scientists from 35 countries signed a document recommending a halt to the roll-out of the fifth generation (5G) of telecommunication technology. More than 230 scientists from 41 countries have expressed grave concern over a technology that will put antennae’s every […]

Quick Guide to EMF and Personal Energy Protection – EMF Series#6

Are you wondering exactly what to buy to protect yourself from the EMF – electromagnetic frequency radiation – which comes from many sources: WiFi, cellular phones, computers, laptops, monitors, Smart Meters, Cell towers, appliances and all electronics. You may even be sensitive to other people’s energy, moods, and negativity. We recommend the full-body protection BioElectric Shield.  […]

5G Networks – Everything You Will Want to Know – WiFi Series#3

5G Networks – Everything You Will Want to Know What is a 5G Network? 5G is the next generation of wireless. 1G allowed us to use cellphones. 2G allowed for texting. 3G allowed internet access. 4G sped up our connections be it phone, text or internet. But, the 4G network is just about maxed out. […]