If WiFi affects Seed Germination what’s it doing to Your Body?

SCIENCE TEACHER IN MAINE CHALLENGES STUDENTS TO LEARN ABOUT WIFI EFFECTS Denmark Experiment In Denmark, in 2013, a science teacher had noticed his students were nodding off in class and found out that many students were having trouble sleeping after keeping their cell phones near their heads at night. They conducted an experiment in which […]

Tips for Kids in a WiFi Classroom – Back to School Series – #4

Parents and teachers, be alert for any changes in your child’s ability to pay attention, learn and enjoy going to school. If there wasn’t resistance to going to school, but there is now, it may be that your child is sensitive to too much radiation from WiFi and electronic devices. Many schools, worldwide, now have children […]

10 Tips to Support and Protect Your Body while Flying – Travel Tips Series #2

Support and Protect Your Body While Flying  Travel Tips Series #2 By Virginia Brown, Occupational Therapist, President, BioElectric Shield Co. If you’re like most of us, you travel on airplanes at least once a year, possibly far more frequently! You can beat some of the hazards of airline travel with these tips – reduce EMF […]

Complete Body Protection from EMF and other dangerous frequencies – EMF Series #13

If you block cell phone radiation are you protecting your body? Our answer has to be, it depends! Individual products like Aulterra and Aegis spray products do an excellent job handling the localized EMF radiation that comes from carrying or speaking on your cell phone. However, EMF radiation comes from many more sources than just […]

WiFi Exposure Contributing Factor in MANY Neurological Conditions

Constant exposure to WiFi radiation and the ever-increasing electromagnetic fields shown to unleash retroviruses and is a contributing factor in MANY neurological conditions – Lyme, ADD, Autism, Leaky Gut, Chronic Fatigue – and more…. In a stunning new 11-minute video, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, shares the latest research of the causes of several common diseases. There […]

California Dept of Health Releases Cell Phone Warnings – Smartphone Series#4

California Dept. of Health Releases Cell Phone Warning California has released guidelines to reduce or avoid harmful cellphone radiation. There is reason to be concerned about the long-term health issues of cell phones and other sources of EMF radiation; some of the issues are brain cancer, tumors, headaches, fatigue, low sperm count, impaired memory and focus and […]

5G Networks – Everything You Will Want to Know – WiFi Series#3

5G Networks – Everything You Will Want to Know What is a 5G Network? 5G is the next generation of wireless. 1G allowed us to use cellphones. 2G allowed for texting. 3G allowed internet access. 4G sped up our connections be it phone, text or internet. But, the 4G network is just about maxed out. […]

Is Your Fitbit or iPhone Dowsing You with EMF? – EMF and Your Health Series #5

Fitbits produce EMF – Is that a problem? A customer called us inquiring about Fitbits and EMF. They wanted to know “is this a problem I should be concerned about?” Well, the answer is – that depends. If you have any sensitivity to EMF or otherwise high exposure levels, you may have an issue with […]

What’s EMF doing Inside Your Body? EMF and Your Health Series #1

EMF is making changes inside your body and your DNA – even if you don’t feel a thing! Your cells and DNA are constantly being bombarded by frequencies that run the gamut from low-level frequencies to microwaves. Yep, you read correctly, microwaves. Did you know that WiFi signals are actually microwaves? Electrical frequencies come from […]

Are Negative People Destroying Your Health and Well-Being? Series #1

Science is finally catching up to what Empaths and HSPs already know – negative people are toxic. Is it time for a detox? Recent studies shine a light on the fact that prolonged “people stress” can affect your DNA and your immune system. But as I stated in “Is a Black Cloud of Negativity Sucking […]