Nurse Appreciation Week May 6-12

Do you recall ever hurting yourself as a child and being sent to the school nurse? I didn’t have to go often, but the few times I did, I sure was grateful for the nurse. Back in 10th someone swung a bat and neglected to notice my head was in the path of the bat! Lots of blood…and a trip to the emergency room where a kind nurse comforted me until the doctor came to stitch my head. When my Dad was sick, the nurses were the ones who came to the rescue when he was confused or needed help. I’m sure all of us have many, many stories of nurses who have comforted family and friends – not to mention you.

Nurses Appreciation Week is celebrated annually from May 6, National Nurses Day, to May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. If you happen to know a nurse who still works with patients, you might let him/her know that a BioElectric Shield could truly remove some stress in her job. Not only will it deflect the ever increasing electromagnetic radiation from all the technology they are now required to use, but of course, it will deflect draining energy from patients. It’s not that they are trying to drain the nurses – it’s just that when you are ill, your energy is very low, and often depressed! So- let’s take care of our nurses! If you are buying one for a nurse, we will also honor the discount.

Login (or register first if you haven’t logged in) and then at check out, use the code Nurse15. It will be good from May 6-12th, 2012.

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4 thoughts on “Nurse Appreciation Week May 6-12

  1. Nurhayani

    Well done video. The truth is that anything that plugs in or has a batery is producing various amounts of electromagnetic radiation. Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean it’s not affecting you. The effects just like smoking, pesticides and asbestos are cumulative and for most people by the time you notice it, it’s too late. You can protect yourself by various methods, see my profile for more info

      1. Rachel

        Well in North Carolina the starting nurse pay is $ 18 and most nusers that I work with do work 3 twelve hour shifts. The shifts are also self-scheduling. There is a shift differential if you work after 3pm. Part time nusers have the same hourly rate but if you were to work PRN or flex you get paid more. The downside to that is that you have no benefits and you have no home department. You get moved wherever you are needed. Hope this helps!!

        1. AnnaMariah

          Rachel, Thank you. All the more reason to appreciate nurses. I’ve always thought that nursing is extremely difficult for so many reasons. Blessings and thanks to anyone who has taken nursing as a career.

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