New Device Could Show How Much Radiation You’re Exposed to Daily

how to block emfThere’s no denying that the amount of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiation that permeates regularly throughout society continues to increase with the rise of technology, such as cell phone towers and wifi everywhere. The debate over the extent of these potential EMF dangers and laptop radiation effects can have on the human body continues, as more and more evidence suggesting the importance of learning how to block EMFs comes out.

In fact, according to one recent study, chronic EMF exposure produced physiological stress in cells even after less than two years.  A study by 190 scientists in 40 countries called on the United Nations and World Health Organization to work on more protection and figure out how to block EMFs in May of 2015. The best example of the extent of radiation people are constantly exposed to is, of course, found in mobile phones. Cordless phone radiation is emitted all day, every day, even when you’re not using it. You don’t need to be talking on it for it to be an issue – if the phone is within even 3 feet of you, it’s constantly affecting your energy field.

In what could be a pretty eye-opening endeavor, a team of researchers from Center for Biomedical Technology (CTB) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) may have developed a way for people to track just how much radiation they’re personally exposed to on a daily basis. The new “pocket-sized” device is capable of perceiving radio signals from 50 MHz to six MHz and storing this information in a non-volatile memory. The device will then assess the information and tell the user how much electromagnetic radiation they were exposed to that day.

“The concern about the possible effects of the electromagnetic fields on human beings is a fact,” a press release from reads. “In spite of the regulations, there exists a perception of risk among citizens due to the unawareness about the amount of radiation received. To carry out a real and non-theoretical measure is required to assess the radiation of each person at any place either inside buildings or outdoors. Only in this way could we really know the radiation levels of each person in his environment.”

While this device won’t teach you how to block EMFs, it could be a significant factor in raising the awareness of this invisible threat to the masses going forward.

Luckily you can block EMFs with a BioElectric Shield, and multi-layer protection for additional security.

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