What You Need to Know About Protecting Yourself from Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity Comes from Many Sources Protect Yourself and Your Health

Electricity is such a common utility that most homeowners don’t give it a second thought. But as our dependence on electronic devices has increased over the past few decades, so too has our reliance on electricity itself. And not all currents may be as “clean” as you might expect, dirty electricity surrounds us.

A recent report from Health Impact News, several researchers have found evidence of “dirty” electricity infiltrating our homes and affecting our health. Whether we live in the city or in the country it’s all around us. Power lines and ground currents now encompass much of North America, so no matter how far off the grid you live, you may still experience negative EMF health effects.

Dirty Electricity and Appliances

Some modern-day small appliances emit what’s known as High-Frequency Voltage Transients (HFVT). These create electrical noise that can pass through walls, floors, and airwaves and affect our bodies. In essence, they make the regular electricity wiring in our homes “dirty” by creating interference that shouldn’t be there.

Large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines often operate at an electrical signal around 60 kHz. However, some small appliances, including cordless phones, laptops, and other electronic devices, operate at higher frequencies — HFVTs — that interfere with normal electrical signals.

Energy Efficient Compact LightingCompact Fluorescent Lighting is dangerous

One of the most common and surprising culprits of HFVTs are the energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs that have replaced the traditional incandescent light bulb. Fluorescent bulbs operate in the range of 50 to 100 kHz, which is enough to cause weakness in the human body that can lead to serious physiological and psychological side effects.

Microwave and Laptop radiation Resulting in Radiowave sickness

Just as many people can be highly sensitive to microwave or laptop radiation effects, so too can HFVTs cause pain and suffering for susceptible persons (electrosensitives) and HSPs or empaths. Doctors have likened the symptoms of these frequencies to the radiowave sickness soldiers sometimes experience during wartime. Ailments include everything from headaches, dizziness, and nausea to skin rashes and heart palpitations.

Protect yourself and your family

To protect yourself, your children, your pets, and everyone in your home from potential dirty electricity minimize your use of wireless devices and invest in EMF shields to guard against HFVTs. Not only will your electricity stay a little “cleaner,” you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re protected under your own roof.

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Take Our Quizzes to Learn More about EMF and Personal Energy Protection

P.S. If you or your children have ADD/ADHD, SPD, ASD, we encourage you to take the quiz for them. Many of these kids are sensitive to EMF and it can make their symptoms worse.

Many people who are sensitive to other energies – people, crowds, public places also have a sensitivity to EMF. Sometimes these people are known as HSP, Highly Sensitive People. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 people have this special awareness.

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