Mother’s Day is a Day to Celebrate All those Who Mother

You’ll notice I didn’t say Your mother, but all those who mother.

I was reminded last week by a customer who gently pointed out that for many, the bonds with our family of choice can be even stronger than those to our biological mothers/sisters/families.

Many women are nurturing to others to whom they did not give birth; acting as mothers; aunts, sisters, advisers, neighbors, friends – loving, nurturing, giving wise council, laughing with us, sobbing with us, or letting us cry on their shoulders. Take this time to celebrate and thank those women in your life…and if it just happens to be your mother, then many would count you as one of the lucky ones.

We are blessed in that we can create our families of choice. Many have mothers who just weren’t able to be the wise, nurturing, affirming presence we needed. Others passed on too early leaving us to fend for ourselves. The fortunate have been able to fill that gap thru the other women in their lives, this is a two way blessing – both sides are enriched in loving each other.

This is the time to thank and acknowledge the special women in your life. Reach out and tell her how much she means to you.

If you think she is sensitive or empathic, then you’ll want to read this previous blog post – What do Being too Sensitive, Shy, Introverted, Fearful or even Neurotic Have in Common?

Thank you to all the amazing women in my life.  I started to list your names, but there just isn’t space for all of you. I hope you too have too many to list and that perhaps you’re on someone’s list as well.

I thought that perhaps we should change the day to Mothering Day – and was surprised that there is a mothering day in March! Whatever you want to call it, now’s a time to be in appreciation for all the loving women in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day


See my next blog post for my Egg-on-my face – foot-in-my-mouth story. Hopefully you’ll laugh and maybe even cry a bit with me and the women who wrote in to discuss it with us.

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