Lyme Disease and Electromagnetic Radiation – EMF One Big Culprit in Lyme Disease

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It looks like Lyme disease is a the growing monster in our host of health  problems.

At least once a month we get a call from someone who either has Lyme, or a family member with Lyme. It never used to be that way. After a 25 year career as an Occupational Therapist, I started this company, and began to hear what health concerns were most commonly on people’s minds. In the beginning years, fibromyalgia was a common complaint, along with headaches and fatigue. In the years I worked with Dr. Brown our Billings Pain and Allergy Clinic, there were just a few cases of Lyme, presumably all contracted from tick bites.

Times have changed. Even the definition of where you get Lyme is different. It now refers to illnesses that are transmitted from insects, including fleas, mites, spiders, mosquitoes as well as ticks. Frankly, I felt safer before I read this!

What the Experts Say
Lyme expert Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD specializing in neurological illness,chronic pain with Integrative Medicine says this:

We know that Lyme spirochetes were around for a long time but something happened maybe 30-40 years ago, where the creatures became more aggressive, more penetrating, and more illness-producing than they were before. Some of us suspect it’s a man-made element. Some of us suspect that the global warming may play a role in it.
I personally suspect that the exposure to electromagnetic fields in the home and the microwaves from cell phone radiation are driving the virulence of many of the microbes that are naturally in us, and makes them aggressive and illness producing. There is probably evidence for all sides of the discussion.”

In an interview with Dr. Mercola, he admits that Lyme is much more difficult to diagnose than many other conditions because so many symptoms can be associated with it- mimicking other health issues. Here are a list of some of the symptoms that accompany Lyme: insomnia, joint pain, vague dispersed pain, gastrointestinal symptoms like constipation, stomach ulcers or indigestion, chronic fatigue, buzzing in the head or all over.

How to you know if you have it?
This part is very complicated! Conventional tests look to see if your white blood cell count is elevated, but this is a problem because Lyme cripples your white blood cells – so if you have Lyme, it’s likely your white blood cell count won’t be elevated even though you do have a disease process occurring in your body! Sometimes viewing cells under a microscope can reveal the disease, but the Lyme lives in your central nervous system, joints, and connective tissue. It doesn’t live in your blood stream so looking at your blood may not work either. Dr. Klinghardt has found an approach that seems to work the best. He diagnoses, tentatively, based on symptoms and starts treatment. Six to eight weeks later, he can give a test that measures the immune response.

How does Electromagnetic Radiation play into Lyme Disease?
Dr. Klinghardt is convinced that the increased virulence of the microbes is related to the strong elevation of electromagnetic radiation in our daily lives – from cell phone towers, wireless, microwave radiation, mobile phones, computer use – we are swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation. The microbes are thriving and our human bodies are struggling.

One of the first steps Dr. Klinghardt takes is to reduce the person’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation. All wireless is removed from the home. He has people wear protective clothing. He has them add EMF shielding paint to the house. He said that the EMF shielding does MORE for his patients than antibiotics and anti-microbial drugs.

We wish he understood what the BioElectric Shield could do for his patients! We can share that we do have some Shield customers who have Lyme. Some of them are wearing custom Shields, and others are simply wearing one of our Level 2, 3, or 4 Shields.

I recall the very first Lyme patient we had in Billings ended up with a custom shield and found it extremely helpful. It reduced her symptoms tremendously.

If you are particularly I interested in this topic, Dr. Klinghardt was interviewed by Dr. Mercola. Here is the link:

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  1. Quinn Haubold

    Lyme disease can affect multiple body systems and produce a range of symptoms. Not all patients with Lyme disease will have all symptoms, and many of the symptoms are not specific to Lyme disease, but can occur with other diseases as well. The incubation period from infection to the onset of symptoms is usually one to two weeks, but can be much shorter (days), or much longer (months to years).:*..:

    1. AnnaMariah

      Very true, as with many illnesses different people will experience them differently. Lyme is especially difficult to diagnose because it does occur with other diseases and mimics many others as well. Many of our customers have found some relief with the Shield, but are also exploring many alternative methods and getting some good results.

  2. Don Shoddie

    Most ticks do not carry diseases, and most tick bites do not cause serious health problems. But it is important to remove a tick as soon as you find it. Removing the tick’s body helps you avoid diseases the tick may pass on during feeding. Removing the tick’s head helps prevent an infection in the skin where it bit you. See the Home Treatment section of this topic for the best way to remove a tick.*-,*

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