Live an Empowered Life with Amazonite’s Gentle Power

Step into your own Gentle Power and break out of old habits or co-dependent relationships

Reach for Amazonite to support you in making new choices and feeling supported in the process. I have dubbed my Amazonite creations with names like Gentle Power. Some stones can have an “in your face” aspect to their power, but Amazonite is subtle, gentle and slowly works to strengthen your inner power and resolve. Have you been craving feeling powerful, and yet the very idea feels a little scary?

It may be that your idea of power is aggression. This is not at all the case with this gently powerful stone.

Amazonite can assist in eliminating the aggravation and anger and will teach you that it’s not about being the aggressor, or turning into an entirely different type of person. The sense I have is that it helps you build a stronger backbone, that has an independent streak, but that still acknowledges your need and desire for people and positive relationships in your life.

Amazonite’s power is especially potent because it inspires your own intuitive wisdom to work with you to analyze and sort out information so that it’s sifted through your own loving knowing, not just your thinking mind’s attempt to rationalize everything. Your deeper intuitive mind can show you the true meaning of life’s events, allowing you to trust and act on those intuitive flashes to create a more empowered reality.

No, Amazonite does not come from the Amazon, it’s actually found right here in the good old USA and in Madagascar and parts of Russia too.  But I swear, if you pay attention you can almost feel the power of the Amazon.

Amazonite is a stone of expression, working on the throat chakra, releasing blocks to this important energy center and allowing your deeper truth to come through into the world. Amazonite is the perfect stone to assist you in expressing who you truly are.

If you are going through changes in your life or struggling with self-expression, wear Amazonite to restore your faith and give you confidence to act with courage and compassion for yourself and others. Move into a more empowered chapter in your life with ease and grace.

Amazonite is often called the Hope Stone because it inspires Hope and assists in manifesting universal love.

This is an excellent stone for anyone in the arts or who needs to communicate with others…oh, that’s almost everyone.

*Note from AnnaMariah– All information about gemstones is completely subjective and not meant to treat or diagnose any ailment or issue.

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