Let’s Look at the World a little Differently

Have a Nice DayThe next time someone says, “have a nice day” or any one of those rote comments that you hear day after day, stop for a second and let it in. Then return the blessing, but do it with a smile from your heart. “Thank you, I hope you have a nice day, too.” Just that tiny little act will make a shift in how you feel, and in how the other person feels as well.

If you’ve been reading our articles over the years, you know that Fear has a profound impact and can affect the people around you and affect you in turn. Fear has even created a blanket that encircles the Earth reinforcing that negative energy.  Everywhere I look these days are articles about dealing with anxiety and depression. Anxiety is fear. In many cases depression is internalized fear.

What takes away fear? You got it, love and gratitude. So imagine that each time you have a moment of gratitude that energy is going out into the atmosphere and replacing some of the fear that is there. Now imagine millions, even billions of people doing the same thing. If we all do this regularly, there will be a shift and the fear will begin to dissolve.

Spend time concentrating on what’s right in the world, not what’s wrong, negative, broken or scary. Try looking for good news, things that bring a smile to your face. Here’s a video from Coca-cola that says “let’s look at the world a little differently” with a background song of “Give a Little Bit” you can’t help but feel a little extra positivity and have a smile on your face after watching this.

So, please, have a nice day.

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