Let in The Love – Shield out the Rest

Woman doing Heart sign.I talk frequently to people in the healing professions or who work with the public and they are truly exhausted. They are doing their jobs because they care about people and want to help. But as often happens they are giving too much of their own energies and suffering in the process.

I met Mark at a trade show a few years ago. He worked in a facility with 180 critical care patients. He was dealing with people in pain, in fear and a plethora of emotions. The intensity of all this would be difficult for almost anyone to withstand. He was exhausted, and often came home feeling drained and off balance. As we talked it was clear that he was being affected by all the emotions he was dealing with but also with people who were so needy they were basically energy vampires. I explained that the Shield would help by strengthening his energy so the vampires couldn’t get to him, and also that it would deflect their fear and emotions. He was excited, but then worried that if the negative emotions were being deflected, maybe the Shield would also deflect the love and positive experiences as well.

Here’s the good news.
The BioShield can deflect the negativity and fear and still let in the love and harmonious emotions.

The way this has been explained to me is that emotions have a wave frequency and peak at different points along that wave. Negative emotions and fear tend to have very high and low peaks, while peaceful, loving emotions are much smoother. The Shield strengthens your energy frequency in such a way that the spiky, high peak and trough emotions are deflected, but the good ones are at a frequency that is in harmony with are still allowed in.

In fact, since you’re no longer struggling so much to try to keep out the negative emotions, it’s easier to be open to and experience the loving, joyful emotions. The word grace keeps coming to mind here…my feeling is that the Shield allows you to feel that sense of grace, love and gratitude.

Unfortunately, Mark didn’t get a Shield. He was absolutely thrilled to have found something that he felt could make a huge difference in his daily life. He’s one of those big, kind, compassionate men who just gives so much all the time. His wife came over and wasn’t at all open to the idea of him having a Shield. She felt that he should be able to do all this himself. Her Qi Gong teacher had told her that everyone should be able to Shield themselves if they followed the practice. Mark agreed, but said that he felt it took so much of his concentration to do it, that he wasn’t able to keep it up all the time.

I was thinking about this again later. I, too, know all the techniques to Shield myself, but it never quite worked for me. When I did it myself, I felt that it not only took too much concentration to maintain, but it was also creating more of a wall of resistance and fear. I felt closed off and isolated. Wearing the Shield, I can focus my concentration on just being present with people, or creating, or writing, or whatever is in the moment. I’m not in that place of feeling the need to protect myself and be on guard all the time.

No negativity signSome people do have a natural protection, and Mark’s wife was probably one of them, so didn’t understand how hard it can be. Not being able to keep that protection up isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s just the way some people’s energy works. The BioShield can help by allowing you to use your focus and concentration for the positive, loving, creative parts of your life.

Mark’s other problem was that he Really needed a Shield in order to stay clear when trying to make decisions for himself. Many sensitive people are easily overwhelmed by the opinions of others and their negativity, making it difficult to make their own decisions based on their needs not the outside influences and fears of others. If you find it difficult to make decisions, especially when others are around, you’re a great candidate for a Shield. Read more about how the Shield can help you find personal clarity.

If you are the sensitive one in your family, it can be difficult to explain to others who are not so sensitive how difficult it can be. Hopefully, you’re in a position where you can follow your own guidance, and make the choice for yourself without having to justify it too much. If you need help explaining, maybe this article will help. “Are You Crazy or Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?”

My experience and that of many others has been that they feel more love in their lives wearing a Shield.

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