What do we Know that Your Doctor Probably Doesn’t? EMF & Health Series #6

doctor Physician baffledAre you doing everything you can to be healthy and still experiencing weird symptoms even to the point of illness? You’re eating right, buying GMO-free organic foods, exercising, taking vitamins, meditating…blah, blah, blah…and yet your health seems to be going downhill and your doctor can’t seem to figure it out.

Your doctor suggests you need a shrink!

You go to your doctor for help and she looks at you like she just knows you’re lying about all the good things you’re doing….or worse yet, she suggests you go to a shrink.

I’m serious about the shrink part. It happens all the time, even at prestigious places like the Mayo clinic. A close friend has been going to Mayo for nearly 5 years with some very painful issues. All their experts have been unable to figure it out so they gave her a referral to a psychiatrist. I know her well, there’s nothing crazy about her.

Unfortunately, she was taught that the doctor is the ultimate authority and is unwilling to try “unproven” solutions – e.g anything her doctor doesn’t recommend. This is despite the fact that she has gotten no relief at all from them. Sadly she still hasn’t tried the Shield to see if it can help. Christmas is coming up soon and she just may get one in her stocking.

Some physicians are putting everything together to get results

We have been talking recently to a number of physicians who work with extremely sick people and they are taking Everything into consideration: diet, exercise, environmental toxins, stress and yes, even electromagnetic radiation. They have found that if they treat everything except the EMF issue, their patients aren’t fully recovering.

Sudden Improvement with a Shield

What happens when they add a BioElectric Shield into the mix? Suddenly their health begins improving and everything else they are doing begins to really make a difference.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and EMF Sensitivity share the SAME symptoms!

Are you experiencing any of these issues; Fatigue, allergies, lack of focus, headaches, achy joints, sleep problems, memory loss, dizziness, the air seems thick and heavy, heart pain, muscle pain, depression, nausea or other digestive issues? These are just some of the proven symptoms of EMF sensitivity.

Your doctor isn’t stupid, but it is hard to diagnose the problem because symptoms are painful, numerous and vary with each individual. There is no standard, easily assessed, definitive diagnosis. Plus awareness of EMF as a health problem has been slow in becoming conclusive due to the fact that it’s a cumulative problem and we’ve only been attached to our cell phone and surround constantly by WiFi since about 2000.

We’ve been helping people with their EMF related issues since 1990. Read some of our testimonials here and also on the product listings.

So why don’t you feel it immediately when you pick up your phone?

Much like smoking and other toxic situations the damage happens gradually and is cumulative. You are always in some level of EMF exposure, and most of the time it’s just gradually eroding your health, possibly even causing DNA breaks.

Take charge of your health – then share your results with your doctor

If you have one of these wise cutting edge doctor’s you are in a very small minority. Doctors are inundated with new technologies, conflicting studies and an ever-changing body of knowledge, so they can’t know it all. If patients start coming to them with their own solutions, we believe that many doctors will begin to see the light. Help spread the news.

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Remember, we have a 90-day money back guarantee…you may have a lot to gain.

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