Kid’s Headaches Increase at Back-to-school Time

Kids with headachesThe Nationwide Children’s Hospital physicians have shown that there is an increasing trend for children and teens to experience more headaches in the fall when they go back to school. It can be tough, as a parent, to figure out if the headache is real or just resistance to going back to school, wanting to extend summer just a bit.
Experts speculate that the problems could be due to improper hydration and long periods of time on the computer in addition to stress. Other factors may include lack of sleep, caffeine and soft drinks, not enough exercise and missing meals. Read more

There are a couple of other factors that we feel could also be at play.

Many children are simply more sensitive and intuitive, and find that the constant exposure to other people (classmates, teachers, etc) can be causing additional stress on their systems.  Read more about Indigo, Crystal and Highly Sensitive Children
They are now surrounded by much stronger WiFi signals than at home, in addition to the radiation and signals coming from the computers and phones of everyone around them. The increase in radiation from their home environment can be substantial, enough to throw an already sensitive system into complete chaos, causing headaches, anxiety attacks and a number of other problems.

Wearing a BioElectric Shield has helped numerous children, teens and young adults (and their parents and teachers). The Shield reduces the impact of electromagnetic radiation from all the sources around us, AND deflects the stress and fear of other people.
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Here’s another article by Dr. Glen Depke that may be helpful – It discusses food sensitivities, blown out adrenals, stress, sleep schedules……

Quiz-How Sensitive Are You to EMF?


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