It’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day March 19th! What do you need to know to protect them?


Incredible Kid DayWe both know that Absolutely Incredible Kid Day isn’t about baby goats, it’s about all the incredible, amazing children in our lives. Celebrate the kids in your life on March 19th.

Kids can teach us so many things and remind us of the joy and wonder that is still available to us from time to time.

I want to take a minute to bring up a subject that you may not want to think about. The world has changed dramatically since we were kids. It doesn’t matter if you are 20, 80 or anywhere in between, the world has changed rapidly in countless ways. Kids now-a-days are using computers, cell phones, tablets and a widening list of technology that wasn’t even thought of when some of us were children. There are tools that enrich lives, make learning interactive and fun and so much more.

(Sorry for the now-a-days up above, I just couldn’t resist sounding like an old curmudgeon, it’s not often I get to talk like that. I love technology…but I am also aware of how it can impact you so probably do sound like that old fart at times.)

There’s a “dark side” to all this. Children’s bodies weren’t designed to tolerate the level of electromagnetic radiation that they are bombarded with minute to minute throughout their days. Heck, neither were ours, but children are even more susceptible to absorbing these frequencies and because the effects of exposure is cumulative this is even more worrisome.
Penetration into brain from cell phone
It’s one thing to worry about the potential health issues after 10-20-30 years of usage but there is reason to be concerned about the affects today, not tomorrow or next year, but right now. Autism rates have risen 23% in just two years!

There is a growing body of evidence to strongly suggest there may be a connection between EMF and the dramatic increase in autism and ADD/ADHD.

Electromagnetic radiation from our technology can also create behavioral issues for some children. The EMF is in effect scrambling their natural energy field, for many this translates to a sense of anxiety or nervousness and a lack of focus. Have you ever felt confused or out of focus? Feels terrible doesn’t it? Well imagine being a child and having that same feeling and no sense of what’s going on. Can you see how acting out could come about?

Do the absolutely incredible kid in your life a favor and help protect their sensitive energy fields and bodies from the technology that they use. The BioElectric Shield can help them stay focused, balanced, mentally sharper and less easily stressed. Many children also benefit from the ability of the Shield to deflect the stress, fear or negativity of those around them.


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