Introducing Our New EMF Quiz – Determine Your EMF Exposure Risk

Quiz Introduction citing cell phone study

You’ve likely heard about the potential dangers of electromagnetic field radiation or EMF. But do you really understand your personal risks? Take our EMF Quiz to determine your level of exposure – and how best to protect yourself.

We have developed a comprehensive quiz to assess your EMF exposure and not only help you understand your risk levels but to give you some practical advice about how to lessen your risk.

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While EMFs are an inevitable part of the modern world around us, some people are more susceptible to the damaging effects of EMF than others. That’s why we’ve developed a new EMF quiz where you can enter information about your lifestyle and habits to get a better sense of your personal level of danger — and learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

EMF and Wifi can impact you, physically, mentally and even emotionally based on a variety of factors, including:

    • Your age. Children and seniors may be especially prone to EMF dangers such as cordless phone radiation. In a national study of adults age 18 to 91, even short-term exposure to cellphones with GSM produced headaches and neurological symptoms as well as trouble with sleep and concentration.
    • Your location. Urban areas naturally have more EMF than rural areas because of the concentrated numbers of people and technology. But even those who live in suburban or rural areas should take note of their surroundings: if you live within 328 yards or 984 feet of a cell phone tower that faces your home with a clear and unobstructed view, it’s recommended that you look into EMF shielding for your home.
    • Your appliances. The more wireless-enabled or “smart” technologies you have around your home, the more likely it is that those large or small appliances are adding to the ambient EMF in your environment. Wireless phones, for example, emit radiation 24 hours a day, even when they’re not in use. Smart Meters are causing health issues for countless people.
    • Smart Meters – Many people are reporting that the new smart meters constant radio signals are making them extremely ill. Oftentimes that or some other new technology can be the Trigger Event that throws their system into overload.
  • Your temperament. It’s suggested that some people are simply more sensitive to the effects of EMF radiation than others. The EMF quiz will give you a recommendation based on your EMF exposure, and will also give you an idea of your energy sensitivity. If you feel you are sensitive to energy also take our HSP Quiz.

After completing the quiz, you’ll not only get a complete assessment of your EMF risks but a recommended plan of action for full body protection. Take 10 minutes to see what you can learn about your health today. Take the Quiz


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