Importance of EMF Safety and BioElectric Shields

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Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a serious problem in the our world today because of how reliant we’ve all become on technology. EMF Blocker technology becomes more and more critical.

In 2010, a study of kids between the ages of eight and 17 showed that even short-term EMF exposure caused irritation, concentration problems in schools, and headaches. That’s why EMF blockers are so important for EMF shielding — because we can’t let our children continue to be exposed to these dangers.

What could cause Headaches, Tinnitus, Acid Reflux, Leg Cramps and Memory Issues?

“I started to get headaches and tinnitus, my ears were ringing really bad, my hair started to fall out, I was getting acid reflux and leg cramps, and my memory was going,” said Paul Harding, who has been experiencing EMF issues along with his neighbors.

According to FOX 10, Harding believes that the EMF dangers began when a utility business installed a smart meter in his home. Since the meter was installed, he would continually wake up at exactly 3:12 a.m. every single morning and have a racing heart beat.

Can the Wiring in your home become an antenna for Dirty Electricity?

“When they put the smart meter on, the power mode switch supply inside of it is creating dirty electricity and when it sends its information,” added Harding, “the wiring in your home is acting like an antenna so RF travels on energized wiring, so it’s actually pulsing the electric field that you’re absorbing.”

Is living near power lines dangerous to your health?

Another worrisome aspect of EMF troubles is simply living near power lines. FOX News Health reports that a possible link between EMF and cancer has been continually debated since the 1980s, and there is a chance that just living near power lines can cause EMF problems and even cancer in serious cases.

Dr. Regina Santella, a professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, believes that more research is needed in this field but urges homeowners not to be too nervous about living near the power lines.

“I probably would not be terribly worried other than the fact that they’re terribly ugly,” added Santella.

What can EMF Blocker do to protect you and your family?

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EMF Safety becomes more important as we add new technology, WiFi networks, city-wide WiFi, even turn our houses into “Smart Houses”.  We recommend first protecting yourself and your family with either personal EMF blocker pendants, or room Shields for at least the media room, office and bedrooms. Then consider going further in-home EMF blocker and protection.

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