How to Get Full Body Protection from EMF Radiation

full body protectionDid you know that the levels of electromagnetic field radiation, or EMF, associated with cell phone and cordless phones can start to produce bioeffects within the first few minutes of use? You can protect your health and well-being with full body protection.

As the numbers of cell phone users increases throughout the globe — from around 2 billion in 2006 to 6 billion in 2012 — there’s precariously little public awareness of EMF dangers and even less information about EMF safety.

EMF comes from many sources

In fact, it’s not just cell phones we should be worried about. Electronic devices throughout your home — from television sets and baby monitors to light bulbs and small appliances — are emitting EMF radiation signals even when they’re not in use.

It might not be possible or feasible to find ways to block EMF from every single device in your home — that’s why it’s important to use home EMF filters along with wearable full body protection shields to provide everyone in your family with full body protection.

Combine filters and full body protection for maximum results

The number of filters or shields you need in your home will also depend on the number of outlets and devices you have running throughout your house, though the average amount is 20. Combining the power of an EMF filter with one of our BioElectric Shields gives you complete protection, no matter what devices you use in your home.

Take quiz to determine what level of full body protection you need based on your exposure

There are a variety of BioShield levels designed to offer you the best full body protection based on your lifestyle, electronic usage, and energy sensitivity. Low levels are ideal for children, while stronger levels provide EMF shielding — even for people who carry a cell phone, work with a laptop computer for eight hours a day and live in an area with WiFi. Certain people are also more sensitive to energy radiation and require heightened protection. Our quiz can help you make a selection.

If you are especially sensitive or have health or emotional issues take advantage of our free photo analysis free photo analysis.

No matter where you live or what you do, there’s no reason not to take a little bit of extra precaution when it comes to the harmful and damaging effects of EMF. In this day and age of constant connectivity, you may not be able to control your electronic environment, but you can ensure your own full body protection with room shields and personal EMF  energy Protection Pendants.

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