How Are You Sleeping Lately? EMF, Light Pollution and Your Health

Light Pollution EMF and Your Health

We need darkness to sleep, and we need healthy sleep to restore our systems. But according to University of Bristol scientist Denis Henshaw, EMF and the constant stimulation of artificial light may interfere with our resting, or circadian rhythms. Whether we light our nights with TVs or IPads that lull us to sleep or simply never escape the light pollution from street lamps and other outside sources, our systems are saturated 24/7.

“There’s a small but detailed literature demonstrating that Magnetic Fields interfere with the action of pineal cells in synthesizing melatonin.” Translation: our human light reaction threshold is sensitive to EMF. If we get over-stimulated, we don’t produce enough of the antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer agents we need to stay healthy. (From Henshaw’s 2012 paper)

The results can be serious. Henshaw found that “Disruption by light-at-night is associated with (i) increased cancer risk in animals and in humans, (ii) with depression and possibly miscarriage.” He theorized that reduced melatonin production could cause an increase in free radicals and inflammation, creating a pre-disposition for illnesses like cancer. Read the NIH article about light pollution here….

And it’s not only light that disrupts our sleep. Henshaw reports that Wever’s 1979 study demonstrated that EMF effects change human sleep patterns even after exposure has stopped. In his study, human volunteers became “entrained” or adapted when exposed to 2.5V/m electric fields for several weeks, disrupting the normal 24-hour circadian rhythm in an effect that lasted several days after the experiment’s end.  Find other studies and more resources here…

In this case, the solution is in your hands! I’ve already written about ways you can turn off wifi and other EMF signals when you’re ready to disconnect.  Seeds of Change: Your Wireless Router Could Be Killing Your Houseplants! (And What to Do About It)

Add one more step: before you settle into your comfortable bed, make sure you’ve drawn the curtain, turned off the TV, and given yourself healthy, restorative darkness.

If you can’t make the environment entirely dark, try an eye mask. Your immune system will thank you for it.

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by Carol Burbank
Guest Blogger

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