Honoring Those Who Serve

American flags decorate the graves of former service people at a cemeteryI got to wondering exactly what Memorial Day is supposed to be about – we tend to get caught up in the Sales, the 3-Day weekend, the beginning of summer. Yes, I know it’s not really summer, but it does signify the beginning of summer time activities and a different state of mind.

When I was growing up it was a family day of remembrance of all those who had passed, flowers on graves, and prayers for the dead.  I found this explanation on eHow in an article about teaching children about the holiday. “Memorial Day, a day of national awareness and respect to honor Americans who have died while defending this country. It has also become a day for remembrance of all loved ones who have died, whether they were in the armed forces or not.”

I got to thinking about this and my mind wandered to all those who are in the armed forces and who are currently protecting us and doing their jobs around the world. Whether you agree with many of the activities, these people still deserve our thanks and respect for volunteering to put their lives on the line for the American Ideal.

What if we take that further though and use this as a day to honor those who serve in other ways as well? Why wait until they are dead to honor them for what they do? It seems like a thank you from time to time when they can still hear it would be in order and much appreciated.

I got to thinking of many of those who selflessly give their time and make other people a priority; firefighters, police officers, EMT personnel, teachers, social workers, volunteers….the list is long and I’m sure I’ve missed many. Fill in the blank with anyone you feel really go out of their way to protect, help, love, teach, comfort others.

One thing that many of these people have in common is that they have sensitive, giving hearts, and could be called Highly Sensitive People, or HSPs, according to researcher, Elaine Aaron. What this means is that they are often impacted by the emotions and fears of the people around them and can be seriously drained, often leaving them little energy at the end of the day. In fact for those who are even more sensitive, empaths – they can actually absorb the emotions, and even physical pains of others no even realizing that it’s not their own emotional or physical pain they are dealing with.

This is where the Shield can be a tremendous help. The Shield strengthens the wearer’s energy field and deflects the energies and emotions of others so that they are no longer impacted and drained by them. This shift can make a huge difference in how much vitality is left at the end of the day, and also in emotional well-being, allowing these amazing, giving people to do their jobs more easily. Read more about jobs and depression

If you or someone you know is highly sensitive and being drained by the intense emotions around them, a Shield can make a huge difference.

Back to the idea of honoring all those who give of themselves and serve in a multitude of ways – send a card, Tweet, Facebook them, call them….just say thanks. Another thing you might do is share the information with them about highly sensitive people. Many of them know they are exhausted at the end of the day, but don’t realize that much of their problem can be their ability to deal with the energies of the people around them. Oftentimes, as in the article Are you Crazy or Are you a Highly Sensitive Person  it’s a relief to discover that there may be more going on than they realized.



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