Why Highly Sensitive People Need EMF Protection

emf protectionHighly Sensitive People: A Brief Introduction
According to research, around 15-20% of the population is considered to be highly sensitive, but it’s a trait that’s often misunderstood. HSPs are not simply individuals who have failed to develop a thick enough skin; they are easily overwhelmed and stressed by their environments, by other people, are deeply attuned to emotions and senses, and have a rich inner life.

While many HSPs are shy or introverted, this is not always the case, and the terms are not interchangeable. However, HSPs do generally need time to recharge and are prone to sensory overload If these traits sound familiar, you may want to take our HSP quiz to find out whether you might be a Highly Sensitive Person who also has energy sensitivities. The quiz does more than just say “yep you’re sensitive” I’ll give you scores and tips in 6 specific areas of sensitivity.

Why HSPs Need EMF Protection
Blocking EMF is important across the board, but it can be especially vital for those who are highly sensitive. Because HSPs are more in-tune with their surroundings and are generally more affected by them, many HSPs find that they also feel the negative effects of EMF more than others. In fact, numerous HSPs find that they are also EMSs, or Electromagnetically Sensitive People. That means that the EMF risks tend to be greater for HSPs; they tend to feel the physical, mental, and emotional impact of EMF at even higher levels than others do. Fortunately, EMF protection can go a long way in reducing stress and anxiety for HSPs.

What HSPs Can Do to Reduce EMF Risks
There are several ways to block EMF and to reduce the effects of EMF for Highly Sensitive People. The most obvious forms of EMF protection are our EMF shields and jewelry, which can allow HSPs to be protected wherever they go. However, there are also other ways to reduce your EMF exposure.

    • Limit cell phone exposure
      In 2012, there were around 6 billion cell phone users worldwide, and that number continues to rise. The majority of these users have no concept of the EMF risks these gadgets pose. Always keep your phone at least an inch away from your face when in use, and never keep your phone in your bedroom. Cell phone radiation protection is extremely important, so you should consider getting a cell phone radiation blocker or getting an EMF body blocker.
      Read our Ultimate Cell Phone Safety Tips for more ways to reduce your risk.
    • Spend time in nature
      When HSPs spend time in nature away from the stressors in their usual environment, they often feel rejuvenated. The tranquility of nature can produce healing effects, but HSPs will also feel recharged after spending time outside because they’re getting away from the EMF effects they experience at home and work. While the possibility for EMF exposure exists virtually everywhere, it’s vital for HSPs to spend time outdoors and away from technological devices.
  • Purify your home
    The reality is that we do rely on technology for our modern way of life, and it’s not realistic to live a life that’s free of all EMF risks. But there are ways to cleanse your home of EMF. “Dirty electricity” can increase your EMF exposure and take a toll on your energy bills, but whole-home line conditioners can help with both problems. Room shields can help reduce EMF in specific areas of your home like your bedroom, home office, or living room.
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For HSPs, empaths, and EMSs, reliable EMF protection is a must. Due to the ubiquitous nature of electricity, you may not be able to totally eliminate EMF, but you can at least protect yourself and your family from unnecessary exposure. For more information, contact BioElectric Shield today.

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