Go Insane – Temporarily

They'reComing to Take me AwayOur hectic work lives can sometimes drive us mad. Why not celebrate this madness in reality. February has officially been declared as Temporary Insanity Day. Go crazy, get wild and get others also to go crazy with you. Do some of the silly and insane things you secretly think of doing, but have always resisted doing.

Examples: Suddenly shout while on elevator that you don’t like people staring the back of your head. Set the alarm on your friend’s phone at office which will ring after every 5 minutes. Play a laugh track or find and play the song “They are coming to take me away, ha-ha” by Little Napoleon. Don’t stop there, also download the backside…yep, it’s backwards. I made my sister nuts with that when we were kids.

Send crazy cards to all the people in your mail list twice. I was going to suggest doing April fool’s type jokes, but the point of the day isn’t to play jokes on other people, it’s about you allowing yourself a little temporary insanity. Say and do things that you normally wouldn’t think of doing….but be sure to let people know that it’s Temporary Insanity Day…you don’t want them to get really worried about you.

Most of all have some fun.

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