Are You Gambling with Your Health? 5G Crisis Summit Update

5G Crisis Summit– Dr. Klinghardt Speaks About Autism and Alzheimer’s

Photo of stethoscope and gambling tableAre We Gambling with our Health?

Dr. Klinghardt feels that the use of WiFi has led to the biggest health crisis the human race has ever had to deal with. The increase in WiFi exposure and frequencies has led to the increasing prevalence of sleep disorders, ADD, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, and a host of other health issues including mental health issues such as anxiety.

For those of you who were not able to listen to the many excellent talks on this summit, we will be giving you a quick summary of the main points of some of the more important talks. In this blog, we’ll talk about Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease as it relates to the many different wireless signals that blanket our globe.

Studies have shown that there is now a generation issue of parents who have received many vaccinations. When WiFi stress is added to their life, they begin to have increased food allergies, increased brain fog, and other symptoms. If they have children, these sensitivities will be 4fold in the children. He speculates that there will be a higher generation of ASD children born to these parents. He also predicts more electrosensitivity in the coming years unless we stop 5G. Getting personal protection from the current level of EMF radiation exposure from WiFi is an important step for anyone to take who is exposed to WiFi.

Alzheimer’s and WiFi

In 2005, the Karolinska Institute published a paper about Alzheimer’s disease in Sweden. They found there was a high correlation between exposure to WiFi and Alzheimer’s. Disease. The researchers warned that we are facing a mass Warned mass disaster by 2019. They are saying that half the population alive today will die of Alzheimer’s unless something is done to reverse the amount of EMF radiation all these wireless signals produce. Dr. Klinghardt has created a protocol of EMF elimination that has reversed Alzheimer’s if it’s in the early stages.

We will review his suggestions and some of ours below.

Autism and WiFi

Dr. Klinghardt has worked with a very large number of children with autism. He has seen a reversal of many cases of autism by removing WiFi from their lives. A study was done in which researches went to the homes of parents of 10 normal children and 10 autistic children. The mothers of the autistic children, on average, had been exposed to 20x the amount of EMF radiation as the mothers of the normal children. Not one journal was willing to publish this study. For a detailed description, read his Autism protocol on his website.

Suggestions for Creating a Clean WiFi-Free Space in your home

Dr. Klinghardt is suggesting extreme measures for any person with autism or pre-Alzheimers. These suggestions require a true commitment to helping the person with either of those issues. You will be moving back in time in terms of technology, but it could make the difference between a functioning person or someone with a multitude of issues. If you want to lower the EMF exposure and do not have someone in your home that requires extreme measures, consider doing as many of these options as possible. It will be very good for your health, both physical and mental!

  1. Wear a BioElectric EMF Radiation Protection Shield 24/7 – Take the quiz to find out what level of protection you need. Or, take advantage of our free photo analysis and we will advise you as to what your best protection options are.
  2. No WiFi router in the home. Only use hardwired connections to your computer and use a wired mouse.
  3. If you need a router for daytime use, it should not be a wireless one. A non-WiFi router will send the data via coaxial cable to each room where you will plug in your computer (like it was in the ’90s). This does mean you won’t be able to use any device that requires WiFi.
  4. Spray the with the Aegis Radiation Spray (99.9% effective). Klinghardt mentioned a bag you could put your router in, but the Aegis spray will absolutely be just as effective with much less work.
  5. Use an electronic timer so that it automatically stops receiving power at bedtime. This is different from turning it off (which involves resetting it each time). This simply denies electricity to it and as soon as the power is restored to the router in the morning, it will work again without resetting anything.
  6. For extreme sensitivity, switch off the fuses at night.
  7. Wear EMF protective clothing by washing all of it using the Aegis EMF Radiation Shield Fabric Rinse.
  8. Place a Premium Room Shield in the bedroom or a room with high EMF.
  9. If you have a vehicle with WiFi and other electronics, put a BioElectric Auto Shield in your vehicle.
  10. Ground your home electrical system
  11. Opt-out of a Smart Meter
  12. Use a cell phone as little as possible – use the SYB protection pouch and earbuds to stop 99.9% of the radiation coming from the phone (phones emit radiation even when not in use). The earbuds keep radiation from coming up to your brain when speaking on the phone.

5G Crisis Summit – the summit is over, but you can purchase access to all the talks and downloads here

Submitted by:

Virginia Brown, Occupational Therapist

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